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  • Josh McDowell

    “Bob Tiede’s blog, leadingwithquestions.com, consistently helps me to ask better questions – not just to my audiences and to my staff, but also to my family and friends!”

    Josh McDowell, Bestselling author of More Than A Carpenter & New Evidence That Demands A Verdict

  • Dr. Michael Marquardt

    “I look forward to reading Bob Tiede’s leadingwithquestions.com twice each week as every blog is filled with wonderful insights, stories and examples of powerful questions. It is undoubtedly the single best source for discovering great questions used by leaders from the corporate, academic, public and social arenas.”

    Dr. Michael Marquardt, Author of Leading With Questions and President of World Institute for Action Learning

  • Dr. K. Shelette Stewart

    As a business owner, speaker and author, I encourage my clients and audiences to take their businesses to a higher level of excellence. With his blog, LeadingWithQuestions, Bob Tiede provides us with practical tools and inspirational insights for achieving this.

    Dr. K. Shelette Stewart, Senior Strategic Relationship Manager at Harvard Business School Publishing

  • Bob Beaudine

    In over three decades in executive search, I can tell you that one of the differences between successful and unsuccessful people are good questions. Bob Tiede takes this principle and greatly expounds on it with LeadingWithQuestions.com. I encourage everyone to absorb the wisdom here, as I do often.

    Bob Beaudine, CEO, Eastman & Beaudine; Best-Selling Author, The Power of WHO!

  • Lolly Daskal

    Thanks to Bob Tiede’s, LeadingWithQuestions…. Keeps me questioning.

    Lolly Daskal, Founder and CEO of Lead From Within Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author

  • Cheryl Bachelder

    Bob Tiede is always thinking about how to grow your leadership capability. His blog, LeadingWithQuestions, will give you the benefit of his experience and enthusiasm for developing leaders. You won’t want to miss it!

    Cheryl Bachelder, Former CEO Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., from 2007 to 2017

  • Logan Stout

    Bob Tiede understands why we are on this earth...to add value to others. Leading With Questions is a glimpse into his wisdom and insight which are a direct result of his passion for people and leaving every person in every interaction with him better! I'm grateful to to call Bob a friend!

    Logan Stout, Best selling author, speaker, Founder and CEO of IDLife, Founder and CEO, Dallas Patriots Inc.

  • Lesley Cheesman

    Ever since I have known Bob he has asked me the questions which have helped me to develop my thinking, improve my decision making skills and in turn lead others more effectively through asking good questions. Leading with Questions is a skill every growing leader needs to be fruitful and effective. I highly commend Bob in helping you with this. Feel free to cut/edit/change the words, but be assured you have been an amazing model to me in how to lead with good questions. Thank you!

    Lesley Cheesman, National Director of Agape United Kingdom