Three great questions 🙋🏻 to ask at your next team meeting

Guest Post by Ben Sands

Your strategy doesn’t matter 🤯

As you approach strategic planning season, an idea:


At least, not yet.

Too many leaders (and consultants) over-emphasize the importance of strategy in creating great outcomes.

Sure, it matters.

But even more important is the foundation on which you lay that strategy.


1️⃣ How healthy is our “Operating System”?

Your “operating system” is the set of habits and practices your team uses to meet, solve problems, make decisions, create plans and execute.


👉 How well do you and your colleagues work together?

👉 How effective and efficient are your meetings?

👉 How easy (or hard) is it to solve problems?

👉 How good are you at getting your most important work done every day?


2️⃣ How much do we Trust one another?

Trust is a foundational feeling that exists in every great team.

It’s a combination of the perceived “Credibility” “Reliability” “Vulnerability” and “Humility” of every member of the team (Trust = C + R + V + H)


👉 How safe does it feel to ask for help?

👉 How easy is it to share what you’re really thinking and feeling?

👉 How comfortable do you feel trying something that doesn’t work?


3️⃣ How’s everyone’s personal health and habits?

Here’s a hard truth that too many teams ignore:

💡 You will never achieve a level of team performance greater than the personal performance habits of every member of that team.


👉 At a personal level, are we setting ourselves up for success?

👉 Does everyone on this team know how to plan, prioritize, and manage their energy + mindset?

👉 Is there anything going on outside of work that is impacting the way we show up at work? (And, if so, how can we help?)

Planning your next off-site or team retreat?

If so, start with these questions first.

And if you need some help planning, or facilitating, your next off-site or team retreat email me @   and let me know.

I reserve time to do a few of these each year…and would love to talk with you more about your team and event.

🔥 📈 👊

Ben Sands


Ben Sands is an executive coach and founder of Sands Leadership, a leadership development & training company. For over two decades, he has been working with new and tenured leaders around the world, helping them build healthier, happier, higher-performing teams. Learn more at


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