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Three Questions Authentic Leaders Ask

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Guest Post by Henna Inam Maria, an executive coaching client, was stuck. She had an employee that was underperforming and Maria was under some pressure from other departments to fire her. She had been putting off having a conversation with this employee for several months thinking that this person’s performance would turn around. It didn’t. Maria felt stuck because she thought the employee had some useful skills but clearly others felt otherwise. The pressure was mounting. What should Maria do? Follow her gut? Succumb to the pressure? Most of us want to be more…

Coaching on How To Ask Powerful Questions

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Guest Post by Henna Inam Previously posted at TransformationalLeadership If there were one single tool that would help you inspire greater creativity, drive stronger engagement, and get better results,would you try it? It’s called a question. Voltaire said “Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers”. In my executive coaching practice, asking the right questions is the single most important tool I use to…