Your Plans or Their Plans?

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Excerpted with the permission of the authors from Chapter 23 of Power Questions: Gathered in the boardroom are the eight most senior executives of one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Individual bottles of both sparkling and flat mineral water are carefully arranged around the zebrawood conference table. The only sound is a slight whirr as a discrete white…

5 Great Questions You Should Ask Your Customers

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Guest Post by Tom Searcy Speaking with customers is a great way to get insight into your business, but mediocre questions yield mediocre answers. Here are some tips for asking better questions. It’s no secret that your customers are a great source of information. They can help you improve your business, gain a better understanding of your market and the competition, and even bring you referrals. If you already talk to your customers, great. That’s smart. Good questions will get you good information. However, for information that will get you an advantage in the…