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Great Mid Year Review Questions

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Guest Post By Karin Hurt Mid year reviews are a like the half-time huddle of your performance Superbowl. If your company doesn’t require them, do them anyway. If your boss doesn’t have one planned for you, ask for one. They’re great times to summarize, celebrate, challenge and inspire. If you’re not convinced, or need help getting started read last year’s post: How to Conduct a Meaningful Mid Year Review. Use this time to ask great questions that inspire…

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Boss

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Guest Post by Karin Hurt Every time “Elizabeth” asks her boss, “Carol” for feedback, Carol tells her she’s “doing great.” But this is Elizabeth’s 5th year in the same job and she’s starting to wonder. She’s watched peers who don’t seem any more qualified get promoted or selected for special assignments. Her performance reviews are always solid, but never outstanding. She likes her job and the people she works with, but she’s beginning to feel like she’s treading water. Her mentor tells her, ”just ask your boss,” but every time Elizabeth’s tried to…

What’s Your Leadership Magic?

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What’s Your Leadership Magic?

Guest Post by Karin Hurt “What’s your leadership magic?” That’s my favorite question to ask really successful front line leaders.   Clearly something is working for these folks, and I am always thirsty to understand just what. If you are a leader growing leaders, it’s a great question to ask.  I guarantee it will immediately bring out sparkles in eyes, great stories, and inspiring conversation. It might also be worth asking yourself about your own leadership magic. Across companies and contexts, the lists that come from these interactions…