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A shortcut to improve all your leadership skills


Guest Post by Johannes Bayer  There is one specific skill you never read about in leadership literature. It’s a multiplier skill, i.e. it is at the root of all other leadership skills. If you improve this ONE you automatically improve the others at the same time. It’s the “ONE ring to bind them all” to use Lord Of The Rings terminology.   Whether you read Harvard Business Review articles on…

Asking simple questions to unlock bottom line value

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Guest Post by Johannes Bayer How many questions did you ask today?   5, 10, 20, 50…? My dream job: Being paid to know which questions to ask. Dilemma 1:   Managers are paid to know all the answers and make business predictable. Asking lots of questions is not what corporations pay managers for and is often seen as a sign of weakness, insecurity and incompetence (or we are embarrassed to ask basic questions). Asking questions adds…