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Mentoring Magic: Awesome Queries

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Guest Post by Chip Bell If there were a Mentors’ Hall of Fame, Socrates would be an instant inductee. In a heated argument over whether slaves have souls (the ancient Greeks believed that only smart people would have eternal life), Socrates bet a case of mead  that he could teach a common slave the Pythagorean theorem (for those who used it in high school and then filed it away: the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides). He had no overhead projector, handouts, or textbook. He needed only two tools to teach the…

Using Questions to Promote Wisdom

Using Questions to Promote Wisdom

Guest Post by Chip R. Bell Quality questions have a multiplier effect on learning. Ask an information-seeking question and you get only an answer or a fact; ask an understanding-seeking question and you unleash a more powerful chain of events. It is all about how your brain process input and output. The human brain is often compared to a computer, but it is actually very different. Most computers are largely information-storage devices. Ask an information-seeking question, and the computer goes into a retrieval mode—as does the human brain. However, ask an…