Imagine this scenario: ​

January 23rd, 2023 | Speaking
Imagine this scenario: ​

Guest Post by Dan Kuschell

​What if you got a phone call from a famous TV celebrity interviewer? Someone like a Larry King or Oprah, or whoever. ​

​And they said they were looking for entrepreneurs to do a short profile segment on and that your piece would be aired to millions of people, with a link to your website. ​
All you needed to do was give them a compelling explanation of who you are and what you do. ​
What do you say? ​
Well first, I hope you’d say yes 😉
But second, what would you say to quickly and compellingly convey who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer people? ​
Do you know right off the top of your head? ​
If you don’t, then I want you to do an exercise today, to get crystal clear on this. ​
Because even if you don’t get a call from someone like Larry or Oprah today (hey, anything can happen, don’t discount it!) – ​
It is crucial for your success to know this stuff like the back of your hand! ​
Opportunities come along, and if you’re not clear on your message (whether you’re answering an inquiry from a possible big client or putting your message out there with advertising) you are missing the ball. ​
For your action play today…​
Write down the following list of questions on a piece of paper. ​ Now just go down the list and answer them, one by one. ​
Answer these with one sentence each: ​
1. Who are you (entrepreneur, coach, etc)? ​
2. What do you do (who do you help to do what)? ​
3. Why should I listen (what is your track record/qualifications)? ​
4. What’s the larger cause or purpose (the reason you do what you do)? ​
5. What’s your CTA (how people can follow up to get what you have to offer)?​
Once you have that done, I encourage you to print it up, put it on your wall, and memorize it. ​
Not just in case you get a chance to do an “elevator pitch” (since you’re not likely to be in an elevator any time soon).😉
But so you can effectively convey these crucial points at the drop of a hat, and attract the people most likely to benefit from your services (and happily pay you for them). ​
Ok? Promise you’ll do that today? ​
It’s a game-changer. 💯
Dan Kuschell 


Dan Kuschell helps entrepreneurs get unstuck by implementing unique systems that achieve accelerated growth. With 25 years of experience, he’s started 11+ companies, & coached over 5000 entrepreneurs from a variety of industries around the world. He has been rated as a top 25 Influencer by Influencive, and his podcast is recommended by Forbes magazine.  You can connect with Dan @


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