12 GREAT Questions To Ask Your Clients (And Make More Sales)

Guest Post by Dan Kuschell

Let me begin by asking YOU, what would happen if you were to get feedback from your clients within 30 days of using your services, then again every 3 to 6 months… developing a regular feedback loop?

The answer to this question is: not only would you be able to better serve your clients, but you would also be consistently making more sales…as well as increasing the number of clients you have.

Business owners we have worked with who implement this strategy, not only see more repeat business from those clients, but they also get more referrals – thus increasing their number of clients…which in turn drives more revenue and profitability in the company.

It’s an exponential growth strategy.

Have you ever heard the saying:

“The Hardest Most Expensive Sale to Get Is the First One!”

This is because getting repeat sales from existing clients is always easier than trying to get a client in the first place.

Your existing clients are your biggest opportunity to help you grow your business, because they’ve already been convinced!

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” –  Jeff Bezos

After all, they bought from you once, didn’t they? They are already over that first hurdle.

The problem is most people don’t know how to fully leverage on their biggest asset and potential for growth, and so often it goes to waste while they constantly pursue “new shiny clients”.

There are many ways to leverage your existing client pool, but one of the easiest is simply to:

Ask Your Clients 12 Specific Questions

This strategy by itself is one of the easiest, non-assuming ways to get and stay in front of your clients, as well as grow your impact and relationship with them so you become their only choice in that market.

Why this works…

Your clients are a wealth of information to give you feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, how to make improvements, how to better communicate with them, what to give them in the future, and more.

It’s also one of the easiest ways to create messaging that appeals to your market. Your clients are your best resource to help you build your marketing plan – after all, they voted for you by buying what you have to offer.

Also, if you study the language your clients use when they answer your questions, and then use these same words and phrases in your future marketing, you’ll be heads and shoulders above your competition.

The First 5 Clients…

So first of all, you don’t need to bite off more than you can chew by trying to reach out to your whole client base at once. That could be overwhelming, and more work than you need to do to simply get this process started.

We recommend reaching out to your 5 BEST clients and having a conversation to get their feedback. People love to give advice and offer a helping hand, so keep it simple and conversational.

You can start by saying:

Hi (firstname) – it’s __(name) from ___ (your company name). I could use your help and advice, do you have a minute? As one of our clients, I’d really love to get your advice and feedback on what we’re doing well, what we’re not doing well, and go through a few questions. Can you help me out?

Once you talk to your 5 Best Clients, you can then move on to the rest of your clients and send out an email survey using something like Wufoo.com, Surveymonkey.com, or even Google Forms to get the info you’re looking for.

Just make sure to include a name, email address, and phone number so you (or your team) can follow up with clients to go deeper, acknowledge that you received it, or ask questions.

Although this seems like a support exercise, done correctly, this quickly becomes a revenue generating activity!

Here are 12 Questions you should ask in the conversation that are pretty simple.

You may find yourself only asking 6 of them, or 8, however the more you do ask, the greater insights you will get into making your business better.

And don’t be shocked if you get someone who wants to immediately do more business with you, or refer you to someone right away!

The 12 Questions

  1. What was the main reason you chose to work with our company?
  2. What’s the best example of how we met your expectations?
  3. Is there a specific time where we didn’t meet your expectations?
  4. What’s one thing we could do to make the experience with us better for YOU?
  5. What are the biggest problems you feel we helped solve for you?
  6. If you were to fill in the answer to this statement, what would it be: The #1 result you provided for me is…(fill in the blank)
  7. The biggest challenge we help our clients with AFTER we’ve helped with (name of the service you provided), is/are (name of 1-2 additional services). What issues are you having in those areas?
  8. Have you referred us to others, and why or why not?
  9. Outside of our services – what is the #1 thing you need help with right now?
  10. If you were starting over again to find another company, what would you search for online, in Google or Youtube to find a company like ours?
  11. If someone were thinking of working with us, what would you say to them?
  12. What other companies do you refer often and why?
  13. What’s something else I should have asked you that I didn’t?

I urge you to take action and try this out today, so you can instantly start getting feedback and results (such as clients re-engaging and remembering why they need your services). Don’t wait…

Put a list of your 5 best clients together and make some calls. Be sure to record their answers either in type or actually record their answers on the phone or Skype (making sure you ask their permission first of course).

But your process shouldn’t end there. Once you have their answers, you need to know what to do with them in order to turn them into more sales…both from your existing clients, and from the clients they will bring in by talking about you.

How To Clarify And Optimize Your Answers For Sales

Once you have a stack of answers from your clients to draw on, the first thing you want to do is sort them down a bit.

Cross reference what all your clients said, and if there are recurring themes in their answers that start to “pop out” at you as you’re going through them, take note.

These are the answers you want to pay the most attention to. Then…

The next question is, how can you create a unique experience, or unique combination of things or in a single package, that would set you apart from the rest using what you’ve learned from your 12 questions?

This is not necessarily an “easy answer” for most entrepreneurs.

You may be able to say specific problems that your product solves for people,but why should people come to you for those solutions, instead of your competitors?

What “winning combination” do you offer, that no one else on earth can?

If this is not an easy answer for you, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity you will find in the following section…

Want Help?

If you’re looking for a way to stand out in the crowd, get more leads, sales, and profits and you’d like to find out if our team can help, then hit this link, follow the steps, and we can set up a time to discuss your business.

Dan Kuschell


Dan Kuschell helps entrepreneurs get unstuck by implementing unique systems that achieve accelerated growth. With 25 years of experience, he’s started 11+ companies, & coached over 5000 entrepreneurs from a variety of industries around the world. He has been rated as a top 25 Influencer by Influencive, and his podcast is recommended by Forbes magazineYou can connect with Dan @ BreakThrough3X.com


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