Do you know, what was the first question God asked?

It was and still is a great question!

“Where are you?”

Adam and Eve were hiding in the garden, when God asked his first recorded question, “Where are you?” 

Why did God ask?

Are you guessing that God already knew where Adam and Eve were?

So if God already knew where Adam and Eve were, why did God ask, “Where are you?”

Why didn’t God just tell Adam and Eve where they were?

Might it have been for their benefit?  Might God have been “Leading with Questions?”

So, “Where are you” today?

Where do you want to be?

Can you plot the path from “here” to “there?”

What is your most important goal for the next 90 days?

Before you can begin to plot the path to reaching your most important goal what must you first determine?

You are 100% correct–you have to determine exactly “Where are You” now?

Three great questions to help anyone: (starting of course with yourself)

  • Where do you want to be?
  • Where are you now?
  • What will be your path to get from “here” to “there?”
Some additional questions that may follow:
  • What will be your first (next) step?
  • When are you going to begin?
  • Where do you want to be one week from today?

So, what do you think about today’s post?


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4 thoughts on “What Was the First Question God Asked?

  1. Niranjan Moses says:

    Good coaching questions…..

  2. Dave Stedman says:

    The best stuff is always profoundly simple, isn’t it?

    So true Dave! What other “profoundly simple–best questions” do you love to ponder or ask? Bob Tiede

  3. Malcolm Hutchinson says:

    Very good evocative probe. Makes me necessarily uncomfortable. That’s something I need more of at this stage of life to keep me thinking and growing. Otherwise I spiritually ‘die’. Thanks Bob

    Malcolm you are 100% correct! I love your phase, “Necessarily uncomfortable.”

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