Guest Post by Gordon D’Angelo author of VISION Your Pathway to Victory

How can you think like a Visionary?

What do you do?

Let me tell you it’s really simple. Think about the end result first.

If you are going to a meeting, what do you want to accomplish? Know that first.

If you are going on a phone call, what do you want to accomplish? Know that first.

A lot of us go through the activities or actions or the motions of conducting operations or business or even our personal life by just going through it and seeing what will happen. When you are a visionary you already know what’s going to happen and you prepare for that to happen. That’s thinking like a visionary.

At first it may seem a little hard, but always ask yourself, “What do I want the end result to be?” before you start on the activity. Once that thought starts going through your mind, call yourself a visionary.


Gordon D’Angelo is the co-founder and Chairman of NEXT Financial Group, Inc. and Chairman and CEO of NEXT Financial Holdings, Inc. handling over 16 billion dollars in assets.  Gordon was an original founder of an director of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.

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