Guest Post by Laura A. Davis

In our book A Guide to Getting It: Self Esteem, I wrote about what I affectionately call “The Wallenda Principle.” This principle illustrates the power of our focus of attention. It makes clear the fact that we want to focus on what we “Want” NOT on what we “Don’t Want.”

The Wallenda family was renowned for their spectacular circus act comprised of acrobatics and tight-rope walking. The patriarch of the family, Karl Wallenda, was famous for his death-defying tightrope walks between high buildings and over Niagra Falls without a net.

He eventually fell to his death in his 70′s while tight-rope walking between two tall buildings in Puerto Rico. Since he had been so successful in the past in even more life-threatening situations, people wondered why now? What was it about this walk that contributed to his demise?

When asked, his widow replied, “All of his life, Karl had focused on success. He focused on his vision of getting to the other side of the rope without fear. In the last year or so, he has focused his energies on not falling.” 

So, are  you focused on what you “Want” or are you focused on what you “Don’t Want” such that you will inevitably get more of it?

If you are not sure in which direction you are focused, you might ask yourself the following questions:

When your focus is on what you don’t want, you are likely asking questions such as:

What is the problem?

Why does this keep happening to me?

Who or what is getting in the way?

Who is to blame?

A more empowering what you do want focus would entail a mindset shift to questions such as these:

What is my desired result?

What will success look like?

What options do I have?

What insights have I gained from the situation?

Of course, it is easier to stay focused in an empowering direction with the assistance of a trained coach. For assistance in operationalizing any of these best practices into your workplace for more powerful, effective results, feel free to call us at (404) 327-6330 or email me at

To your inspired success!
Laura A. Davis is the President and Founder of Laura A Davis & Associates an Atlanta-based transformational coaching, leadership development, and DiSC assessment training firm.  Since 1995, Laura has been coaching leaders at all levels of large organizations to become more emotionally intelligent and aware of their role in creating a healthy, engaged corporate culture.  Laura coaches and trains individuals, teams, and organizations in the midst of transformational change on the mindsets as well as the skillsets needed for inspired success.  Inspired success encompasses positive influence and interpersonal communication skills as well as the associated attitudes and beliefs using transformational tools such as Inscape’s DiSC-based assessments, NLP and other accelerated learning techniques, as well as the latest discoveries in neuroscience and consciousness research.

Prior to starting her business, Laura held both line and staff marketing management positions at Exxon, Equifax, and UPS.  She also taught as an Adjunct Professor of Business Studies at Mercer University.  Laura earned her Master Certified Coaching designation as well as an MBA from Emory.  Her focus and passion is assisting leaders with the practical application and personal transformation needed in order to create healthier, happier, and more profitable work environments.

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2 thoughts on “What Are You Focused On?

  1. inDeeD 🙂 , Brrrilliant! ‘ex-Arm-pull’ or example 🙂 of how focusing on the NOTS will in fact encourage ‘ KNOTS ‘ in the the very fabric of what we are trying to achieve in life, looking at the NOTS will only employ mind demons that will constantly keep you trapped, on a level that creates ‘illusions’ of success that are in reality struggling energies that never manage to escape the two very different paRths of focus on we WANT and what we DON’T want.
    If you walk down the paRth of what you DON’T want, it will present you round after round of doubting energy sucking demons making you think you are winning the ‘ duEList-tick thought war of constant doubt & self intro-Spect-tion’ leading only to greater en-Trench-ment of the same entrenching cycle/ loop that after a while will cause you to lose sight of your very purpose, i.e. the things you need to focus on i.e. . what YOU! want.
    Do not get caught on this very deceptive merry go round as the little demons from the invisible world of non-human perception will take you and play until if you are lucky one day you will wake up and see that you, indeed, should have chosen to focus on what YOU want, not what mind gaming demons wanted for you :

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