Might this be your experience:

You have set “Personal Goals” in the past with really “Good Intentions” to make progress on them that very week.  But then other things entered your schedule and you simply did not have time to work on your “Personal Goals” but you still had really “Good Intentions” to get to them the following week.  But again things came up–and although a bit disappointed that you had made no progress you still had really “Good Intentions” to get to them the very next week.  But then weeks rolled into months and soon a whole year had passed with no progress at all on your “Personal Goals.”

Can you identify?

What was missing?    What could you have done differently to move from “Good Intentions” to “Mission Accomplished?”

Here is a possibility:

Andy Stanley:  “You may be good.  You may even be better than everyone else.  But without a coach you will never be as good as you could be.” 

Yes–You need a Coach!

Might be saying:  “Bob I cannot afford a coach!”?

Question:  Do you have a friend who would be willing to meet with you weekly/bi-weekly/monthly to ask you 3 Basic Coaching Questions regarding your Personal Goals:

 1.       You said that by today you wanted to do X.

How has that gone?

What have you learned?

Where can you put that into practice?  (or how can you create a practice opportunity for yourself?)

What are your next steps?

2.       When do you want to meet again?

3.       What do you want to accomplish by then?

What difference would having a friend ask you these 3 questions make in moving from “Good Intentions” to “Mission Accomplished?”

Your friend can’t fire you – they can’t promote you – they don’t tell you what your goals should be – they simply hold you accountable by asking you the 3 questions when you meet.  For most of us, just knowing that at our next meeting I am going to have to answer the question “What progress have I made?” moves my “Good Intentions” to “Mission Accomplished.”  We don’t want to show up for our meeting and say, “I have done nothing!”

Which friend are you going to ask to be your coach?  When are you going to ask her/him?

What else has helped you move from “Good Intentions” to “Mission Accomplished?”



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  1. Malcolm says:

    Here’s one I can use at home with my wife a coach. Thx Bob!


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