Husbands, do your wives ever hand you something they have clipped out of a magazine or newspaper for you to read?   Do you ever get the feeling that she is trying to share something more with you than just the information in the clipping?  

My wife just handed me a paragraph from page 36 of the Woman’s Day,  May, 2012, from an interview with Dr. Oz written by Sara Reistad-Long:

“Even so, it took hard work for the 51-year-old father of four to combine his brain smarts with,  well, his heart smarts, ‘When I started doing TV, I was a terrible communicator.  I’d talk to women who had bad things happen in their lives, and I’d just jump in with answers instead of fully listening to them first,’ he says, ‘in many ways, it was about working through a lesson my wife, Lisa, has been trying to teach me throughout our marriage:  You don’t fix a feeling, you hear a feeling.’

That’s good advice for all of us!

I will always remember the advice one of my former associates shared with me. She said, “You can never argue with a feeling!  You cannot tell someone they are not feeling what they are feeling!”  That is also good advice for all of us!

What advice can you give to all of us who are Charter Members of “Feeling Fixers Anonymous?”  Please share your wisdom with all of us with a “comment” below:

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5 thoughts on “You Don’t Fix a Feeling, You Hear a Feeling

  1. Mark Modesti says:

    Great advice to start the day and the week, Bob! Thank you.

  2. Jann says:

    I think you have some really wise women in your life! Feelings are indeed valid. They may not be a true reflection of reality…but as Dr. Henry Cloud says, you can’t walk up to a “red apple” tree and tell it to be GREEN! Listening and asking questions has the same impact as a “graft” into a red apple tree – it changes the nature of the situation! Appreciate this reminder!

  3. Jann – I do indeed! Grateful for your friendship and for the wisdom you have spoken into my life!

  4. Jann says:

    And you have certainly poured wisdom and friendship into mine…I am blessed!

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