What in your experience has been the The “Plus” +  of 360 Reviews?

What in your experience has been the The “Delta” – (negative) of 360 Reviews?

May I share my experience with you?  For me the “Plus” has been receiving a lot of great feedback on my current job performance.  The “Delta” has been the extensive amount of time it takes for supervisors, peers and direct reports to thoughtfully fill out the 360 evaluations.

So, would you like a shorter/quicker 360?  Perhaps for occasional use?  If yes, you may want to consider this simple Plus Delta Feedback Tool–just five questions:

1. What is something I do now, that you would like me to do more of?

2. What is something I do now that you would like me to do less of?

3. What is something I do now you would like me to stop doing?

4. What is something I don’t do now you would like me to start doing?

5. What is something I do now that you would like me to continue doing as is?

So how could you use these five simple questions in your setting?

May I share three Ideas/Options for how you might use the Plus/Delta?

  • Traditional Review:  Like a 360, supervisors/peers/direct reports can confidentially fill it out and send it to a Plus/Delta Coordinator.
  • Another Option:  One friend shared that she took her team of five (her and four direct reports) to an extended lunch–where she handed out four copies of the questions above!  All five of them then took 20 minutes to answer the questions for their other four teammates.  Next they spent 25 minutes (five minutes per team member) to share all of their responses.  Everyone left encouraged to know the things their team wanted them to continue to do and the things the team wanted them to do even more of!  They also appreciated knowing the things they could stop doing  and the things they could do less and what they could start doing!   Total time for the whole team, including lunch, about 90 minutes.
  • Alternative Uses:   With slight rewording these same five questions can be used by teams to evaluate organizations, departments, products, services, marketing efforts, processes, conferences, meetings, etc.

So, what do you think of today’s post?


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5 thoughts on “Would You Like a Shorter/Quicker 360 Review?

  1. Bob: My staff love your articles. Especially the one about Tolstoy. I have encouraged them to sign up to receive the articles. Thank you for doing this.

    Bill you are a great encourager! Glad your staff loved the Tolstoy questions! Thanks for encouraging them to signup! It is my pleasure to serve you! Bob Tiede http://www.leadingwithquestions.com

  2. Marilyn says:

    I absolutely love this shorter/quicker version of the 360 review!! Right to the point and it can also be used not only in an office setting, but with a spouse. A parent can use it as well to have the kids review each other and parent to child/child to parent. Thank you so much for posting all these articles and sharing your knowledge so that other may grow.

    Thanks Marilyn for sharing some great alternative options for using this shorter/quicker version! It is my pleasure to serve you! Bob Tiede http://www.leadingwithquestions.com

  3. Niranjan Moses says:

    This is great. I can use this for students in my campus ministry.
    its reducing the time, but still efficient.


    Niranjan please report back after you have used it with your students to share experience. Bob Tiede http://www.leadingwithquestions.com

  4. Suzie says:

    I will definitely use this in my mentoring role of women and couples. Thanks so much for posting this. Great help!!!

    Thanks, Suzie

    Suzie, My pleasure! Please let us know what you think after you have used it in your mentoring role! Bob Tiede http://www.leadingwithquestions.com

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