What is your “ONE WORD” for 2021?

Did you know that your “One Word” for 2021 could dramatically increase your effectiveness in the coming year?

There is incredible power in having a single focus!

Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Page have written an incredible book:  “One Word That Will Change Your Life.” They share:

“87% of us make New Year’s Resolution every year. Although these resolutions are meant to be good and well-intentioned solutions, unfortunately they are built on a flawed assumption of more effort,  willpower and goal setting. We set to-do goals instead of to-be goals.  Success is measured by what we accomplish instead of who we become.

Something needed to change.  In 1999 we discovered the solution to failed resolutions and unrealized goals. Instead of trying to develop more willpower we found a simple way to live more powerfully. Instead of creating goals and resolutions we found a single word that would be the driving force for the year.  No goals.  No resolutions.  Just One Word!  We simply developed a One Word theme for the year. It became a One Word Vision for everything and it changed our lives.”

Jon, Dan and Jimmy have also created a wonderful website to help you discover your One Word:    GetOneWord.com 

So what “One Word” has the potential of changing you and where you will find yourself at the end of 2021?

Here are my “One Words” from past years:







Enlist Others 

(Yes I know this is two words – how would you shorten it to one word?)

What is your “ONE WORD” for 2021?

Suggestion One:  Once you have chosen your “Word” for 2021 – make it visible!  Write it down!  Paste it on your mirror!  Paste it on your computer!  Paste it on your steering wheel!

Suggestion Two:  Every time you need to make a decision in 2021 make your “One Word” part of your consideration.  Is saying “Yes” consistent with your “One Word?”  or is saying “No” consistent with your “One Word?”

Request:  Please share your “One Word” for 2021 by entering it in the “Comment” section below:  Thanks!

One more Suggestion:  Now that you have chosen your “One Word” for 2021 – might your company/team also want to choose “One Word” for 2021?  And/or might your family want to choose “One Word” for 2021?

Bob Tiede


Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 52 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 8 remarkable grandchildren.


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6 thoughts on “What is your “ONE WORD” for 2021?

  1. Gregory Fuller says:

    DONE…. “Done…in 2021”

  2. Not quite “one word”! But it struck me that I have two orientations from which to choose in 2021:

    “So, what if … ?”

    “So, what next … !”

    The first, for me, is the path of anxiety, of stuckness.

    The second is the path of receiving, of gift, of taking whatever right step presents itself now.

  3. John Alexander says:

    “Courageous” Joshua 1:9

  4. Jim Smith says:


    The past couple years had themes like, Experiment, Risk, Edge… So, I got to the edge, I’m standing on the edge, and now what? I played with “JUMP!” but then realized that what with gravity and all, that maybe was not ideal. I shared that with a colleague who offered Launch instead. Same idea of leaping from the Edge, but instead of falling I’m gonna be flying!

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