• It tells people you value them
  • Engages them in self-discovery – helps them process what they think and believe
  • Helps people process and own their decisions
  • It takes the pressure off you needing to have the “right answer
  • Increases teamwork, creates better buy in for change and improves decision making and problem solving

From Ned Mervich, Pastor at North Coast Church, Vista, CA

Would you like to put Ned’s wise insights on “The Value of Good Questions” into practice today?

  • Who would you like to value today?  What question(s) could you ask them?
  • Who could you assist with self-discovery?  What question(s) could you ask them?
  • Who could you help “own”  a decision/direction/goal they need to make/set?  What could you ask them?
  • What big challenge is on your plate today that you don’t have the answer for?  Who could you ask for wise counsel?  What question(s) could you ask?
  • Have you heard the quote, “None of us is as good as all of us?”   What questions can you ask your team today to improve problem solving, decision making and teamwork?

So, what do you think of today’s post?


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One thought on “What Is the Value of Good Questions?

  1. John Wodka says:

    Great post. I can tell almost immediately if someone is interested in what I’m saying based on their response. Is it short or is it followed by another question? Also, asking good questions can give you time to think about what you might ask next; as you wrote, “takes the pressure off..”

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