Would you like to know three quick, simple questions that will instantly move your conversations beyond the weather and how your sports team are doing?

Several years ago I was visiting a church in the state of Washington.

One of the women on the church staff shared about a recent phone conversation she had with a friend in another state.  She said that whenever we connect we always ask each other three questions:

1. What’s on your schedule?

2. Who’s on your heart?

3. How can I pray for you?

To myself, I said, “BINGO!” and immediately wrote the three questions down.  Frankly I don’t remember anything from the pastor’s message that morning (and I am not suggesting it wasn’t good), but I am still making use of those three questions!

Idea:   Who are five friends that you could e-mail or text or call today to ask:

 “You have been on my mind!

I was just wondering:

1. What’s on your schedule?

2. Who’s on your heart?

3. How can I pray for you?”


How would you feel if one of your friends sent you an e-mail or text with these three questions?

By the way – I am your friend and would love to know your answers to the three questions – please send them to me at bob.tiede@cru.org  I promise to keep your answers confidential and I promise to pray for you!

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  1. Thanks Maggie for your encouragement!

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