Based on the title, what do you think this post might be about?

  • Physical Strength?
  • Military Strength?
  • Financial Strength?
  • Verbal Strength?
  • Leadership Strength?

Definitely not the first three!  But perhaps it does relate to “Verbal” and “Leadership” Strengths – but probably not the way you are thinking.

Please take a careful look at these two questions:

  • What should we do to fix this?
  • What might we do to fix this?

What is the difference?

Yes, “should” in the first sentence has been replaced by “might” in the  second sentence.

Team - Might

When you ask your team “What SHOULD we do to fix this?” might they be feel that they must come up with the “RIGHT” answer before they speak? Might they be concerned that the immediate response to their answer, from someone else on the team, will be “That will never work!”   However when you ask your team “What MIGHT we do to fix this? – might they be much more comfortable simply sharing “POSSIBLE” fixes?

Which of these two questions might increase the possibilities of your team finding a “fix” for whatever is broken?

Other Examples:

  • Instead of “What will you do?” – “What might you do?”
  • Instead of “Who will know? – “Who might know?”
  • Instead of “What outcome will you pursue?” – “What outcomes might you pursue?”
  • Instead of “Why is that?”  – “Why might that be?”
  • Instead of “Where should you look?” – “Where might you look?”

Do you now see The Power of “Might?”

It sets people/your team free to verbalize multiple “Possibilities!”  And just might dramatically increase the probability of your team finding a solution.

And your use of “Might”  just might increase your “Verbal” and “Leadership” Might!

What other benefits might there be to increasing your use of the word “Might” in your “Leading with Questions?”

2 Year Anniversary LWQ

Bob Tiede


Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 48 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 6 remarkable grandchildren.


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