Can you place these in order 1-3?

  • How?
  • Why?
  • What?

Do you know that your order affects your ability to inspire action?

How many “Talks/Presentations” have you heard in your lifetime?

How many of those “Talks/Presentations” have instantly and forever changed one of your paradigms?

May I share one with you that has forever changed my paradigm on “How to Inspire Action?”

Last December a good friend shared Simon Sinek’s 18 minute video with me.  Simon’s simple but profound message has forever changed “How I approach inspiring action.”   After you have heard Simon share please let me know what you think?

Here is the link to Simon’s 18 minute “” video:

So “Why”do you do what you do?

How will your sharing your “Why” before “How” and “What” help you “inspire action?” 

Simon’s Website:

Simon’s book:

So, what do you think of today’s post?


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