How to Start a Revolution (Part 2)

December 10th, 2012 | Leadership | by Bob Tiede

Jesus – The Answer Who Asked Questions

The eyes of the religious rulers narrowed as they surveyed the scene before them. What gall for this Jesus to venture into their territory, the temple courts, teaching the gullible masses as if he had something the priests and theologians could not provide.

Clearly, the people were being mesmerized by the charlatan. The name of Jesus was on everyone’s lips, from shopkeeper to centurion. There was danger of riots, even open revolt. It was all a little too much for those who valued status and stability. For months the chief priests and elders had been watching and waiting, plotting, and biding their time.

Now here was the opportunity they’d been waiting for, a chance to force Jesus’ hand. They paraded onto the scene, robes flowing out behind them, faces flushed with anger. How dare this troublemaker come here! They demanded an answer, once and for all.

Who do you say that I am?  

What do you want me to do for you?  

Why do you call me good?   

What were you arguing about on the road?   

How many loaves do you have?           

These are straightforward questions. Each one, however, goes deeper than might appear at first glance. It delves into murky corners where unspoken reservations and self-protection dwell. It exposes dark corners to the light of honest reflection, inviting to self-examination and self-discovery.

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