My 6 Most Favorite “Leading With Questions” Books

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Here are six of my Most Favorite “Leading With Questions” Books:

1.  “Power Questions” by Andrew Sobel and Jerold Panas

The combination of great questions wrapped in great stories will add scores of great questions to your “Leading with Questions” toolbox!  Here are links to just  3 of the 21 times “Power Questions” has been excerpted:

“Good Questions Trump Easy Answers”

“Always Faithful”

“Capture the Moments”

2.  “Leading With Questions” by Dr. Michael Marquardt

This is the book that forever changed my leadership paradigm from “Leading by Telling” to “Leading with Questions.”  Here are links to just 3 of the 12 times “Leading With Questions” has been excerpted:

“Questions as the Ultimate Leadership Tool”

“Great Questions Define Great Leaders”

“What is a Questioning Culture?”

3.  “The Coach Model for Christian Leaders” by Keith Webb

This book will provide you with a multitude of great questions to add to your coaching toolbox.  Here are links to just 3 of the 10 times  “The Coach Model for Christian Leaders”  has been excerpted:

“Share Questions – Not Content”

“Why Knowledge is a Thing of the Past”

“Moving from Your Ideas to Theirs”

4.  “Just Ask” by Professor Ian Cooper

This book is filled with stories and questions of how “Just Asking” can get you so much of what you want. Here are links to just 3 of the 10 times  “Just Ask”   has been excerpted:

“Ask Yourself…What Can We Do Differently”

“Don’t Assume the Answer Will be ‘No’ Without Asking the Question”

“Think Big – Ask for the Impossible”

5.  “78 Important Questions Every Leader Should Ask and Answer” by Chris Clarke-Epstein.

Just having the 78 Questions listed in the table of contents is worth the price of the book!  Here are links to just 3 of the 7 times “78 Important Questions Every Leader Should Ask and Answer”  has been excerpted:

“Answers – You Want Answers”

“Questions Leaders Need to Ask Customers”

“Sound Advice for Leading With Questions”

6.  “The Art of People” by Dave Kerpen

Over and over Dave shares questions and stories of how asking questions in the key to developing meaningful relationships with people. Here are links to just 3 of the 4 times “The Art of People” has been excerpted:

“How to ‘Get’ Anyone (Even if You Don’t Like Him)”

“How to Understand Someone Better than You Do Your Friends (In Just Three Minutes)”

“One Trick that Seems Ridiculous But Works Every Time”

And an incredible personal bonus is that all seven of the above authors have become dear friends!

Helping you increase your Leadership Effectiveness X10 by moving from “Leading by Telling” to “Leading With Questions” continues to be my only focus!

In closing, may I ask you for a huge favor?  Would you please take a few minutes to share with me how I might serve you more effectively during the coming year?  I am eager to hear and learn from you!


Bob Tiede


Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 52 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 8 remarkable grandchildren.


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