Guest Post by Mark Murphy

There are two questions leaders can ask Generation Y employees that will, in the eyes of this younger generation, make you better than 99% of all the other leaders out there. This helps gain the trust of Generation Y employees and earns you their buy-in and willingness to follow you as a leader.

Question #1: “What resources will you need to accomplish this assignment/goal/project, etc.?” Get right to the heart of the issue and don’t send employees out into battle without the proper tools. Make sure your people have all the necessary resources, greatly increasing their chance of success.

Question #2: “What obstacles do you foresee that might prevent you from achieving this assignment/goal/project, etc.?” Just because there are obstacles doesn’t mean you necessarily have to remove them. HARD Goals strengthen employees’ emotional attachment to goal outcome, and increases their Hundred Percenter drive to push past all obstacles in order to reach those goals

Generation Y employees want to know what you expect and why it’s important. And they want to achieve success on the first try, if possible, which requires the right tools and resources. Open up the path and make sure you’ve gotten the obstacles out of the way and you’ll soon be seen by Generation Y employees as being in the top 1% of leaders.

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  is Founder & CEO of Leadership IQ, a top-rated research and consulting firm that delivers employee engagement surveys and leadership training and development to the world’s most successful organizations.

Mark leads one of the world’s largest leadership training and goal-setting studies, and his work has appeared in such publications as the Wall St. Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Bloomberg Business Week, U.S. News & World Report and the Washington Post. Mark has also been a featured guest on programs including CBS News Sunday Morning, ABC’s 20/20, Fox Business News and NPR.

Mark’s most recent book, Hiring for Attitude, was featured in Fast Company, The Wall St Journal, and chosen as a top business book by CNBC.

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  1. Absolutely. I have said to my team and co-leaders time and again, “A leaders job is to provide resources and remove obstacles.” I should have written a book! 🙂

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