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One of my highlights for the past 11 years has been attending the Global Leadership Summit. Above is the group of friends that I was privileged to attend this year’s Summit with  in Frisco, Texas – one of the 268 satellite locations.

When my friend Joe Baker sent me his “13 Courageous Questions from the 2013 Global Leadership Summit” saying he thought “the ‘Question Guy’ would enjoy these” – not only did I love them – I immediately e-mailed Joe back and asked if he would share them in a “Guest Post!”

You will be glad Joe said, “Yes!” Enjoy…

Guest Post by Joe Baker

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I recently attended the 2013 Global Leadership Summit in Chicago. This was a phenomenal two-day experience where world-class leaders across all walks of life taught, challenged and encouraged the thousands of us who attended.

Here are some penetrating questions their teaching provoked for me. Ask them of yourself – if you dare:

Leading Myself

  1. Is fear holding me back from doing something I am called to do? (Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Church and host of the Summit)
  2. When is the last time I really put myself out there and then had a vulnerability hangover? (Dr. Brene Brown, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way we Live, Love, Parent and Lead)
  3. How can I move from the Scissors Jump to the Fosbury Flop – i.e. from making the present approach more efficient to creating a totally new future? (Vijay Govindarajan, Reverse Innovation)

My Attitude

  1. When things get difficult, do I let negativity take me on a downward spiral? (Dr. Henry Cloud, Boundaries for Leaders)
  2. When I am convinced I must move forward with my great idea but run into a “NO,” do I reframe it as ‘Next Opportunity’ and press on? (Mark Burnett, Executive Producer of Survivor, The Voice, Shark Tank, The Bible)
  3. When under pressure and opposition, am I willing to stand firm in hope and faith? (Andy Stanley, North Point Church, Deep and Wide)

My View Towards Others

  1. Would people say that I view them with dignity and appreciation? (Colin Powell, retired General and US Secretary of State)
  2. Do I see people for who they are becoming? (Bob Goff, Love Does)

Motivating and Influencing

  1. Do I help others find meaning and relevance in their jobs? (Patrick Lencioni, How to Lose Your Best People)
  2. How can I help make bad behavior harder and conscious and good behavior easier and more enjoyable? (Joseph Grenny, Influencer: the Power to Change Anything)

Investing in Others

  1. Am I leading like the genius or the genius-maker? (Liz Wiseman,Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter)
  2. Am I humble enough to help others rise above me? (Chris Brown, North Coast Church)
  3. Who are the budding next-generation leaders that I am intentionally and personally developing? (Oscar Muriu, Nairobi Chapel, Kenya)

If you had the courage to ask yourself these questions, good for you. Now for something really brave … Answer the one that hit you between the eyes and take the step that follows.

Joe Baker is a partner with PeopleResults, a consultancy that guides organizations and individuals to “start the wave” of change. They have advised major clients including PepsiCo, McKesson, Microsoft, and many others on how to realize results through people. Previously an executive at Accenture, Joe is an executive coach and consultant specializing in leadership and team effectiveness, career development, and employee engagement, and he writes frequently on these topics. Contact him at or on Twitter at @JoeBakerJr.

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3 thoughts on “13 Courageous Questions from the 2013 Global Leadership Summit

  1. Martha says:

    I love these questions Joe — really helpful to prompt reflection and assessment! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jamie Slipke says:

    I was very interested in the question by Dr. Brene Brown. So much so I ordered her book today titled “Daring Greatly.” Thanks all!

    1. Jamie you will enjoy Brene’s book!

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