Happy Thanksgiving!

This past weekend I asked friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to share their “Most Favorite Question to Ask on Thanksgiving?” I promised a complimentary “Power Questions” book for the authors of the questions selected. Scores of great questions poured in! My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who contributed!

Below are the “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving” that were selected!


What “Thanksgiving Day” question would you add?


Which of your friends would thank you if you forwarded this post to them?


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2 thoughts on “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving

  1. Pam Smith says:

    After assembling at the table and before giving thanks: Let’s each state one blessing that we are thankful for since the last time we gathered together (or over this past year, whichever applies)…and, I’ll start: ____” After giving thanks and the feast begins: “Hey, Uncle Harry, tell me more about your response of _______.”

  2. Pam this is really good! Thanks!

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