Note from Christy Kirk: (Director of Strategy for Weaving Influence – assists Bob with his blog)

Leading with Questions wouldn’t be celebrating its 5th anniversary without you – Bob’s regular blog readers.  When Bob launched this blog he was excited to share the power of questions because questions and a questioning mind had changed his leadership…and his life.  He wasn’t sure if anyone would read it. Now, the blog has a dedicated community of readers. 

Recently I went behind Bob’s back to send you and all of Bob’s other subscribers an email requesting your help with a special surprise for Bob on this anniversary.  I asked you to share what Bob’s blog has meant to you.  My inbox quickly filled! I was overwhelmed and humbled by your responses.  Bob was too when I gave all of them to him.  On behalf of Bob, thank you, dear readers, for your interest, support and continued questions!

Here is a sampling of the wonderful notes received:

Ray C:

While searching for new employment, several of Bob’s articles were invaluable, but the best inspiration came from one about the final question to ask at the end of an interview, “What has been your favorite moment working for this company?” It took a bit of courage to ask this of the CEO who had been skyped in for the interview, but his response and the conversation afterwards gave me valuable insight into his heart and the confidence that this was a good company to work for. I could then tailor my answers in a second interview to meet this perspective.

They just sent me an offer to start in April!! Thank you, Bob, for all your efforts to help us LEAD by ASKING the RIGHT QUESTIONS!!

Robert A:

Bob found a winner when he decided to focus on helping leaders ask good questions. The number of emails about questions has amazed me.  And informed me.  And challenged me.  And equipped me.  And prompted me to forward them to others.  Thanks, Coach Bob!

Kathy B – Florida:

Bob’s Leading with Questions blog is a highly motivational point for me each time I read them. I share them with fellow leaders and utilize the questions within my team and leadership. I have one which has been extremely impactful in my life and I re-read it weekly to inspire me throughout the coming week.

It was “Leaders Open Doors” by guest author Bill Treasurer. With my top strength of “Developer” this one inspires me to continue opening doors for others. And what a blessing when I am able to assist others in their career path and teach them the concept of opening doors for others.

I am so thankful God miraculously connected me with Bob Tiede. He has been a true inspirational figure in my life and career growth.

Christina M:

I’ve appreciated learning from Bob to ask more questions, rather than give answers. I’ve copied down in a journal some of my favorite questions from Bob’s emails, and I review them regularly. I’ve posted some on sticky notes on my computer monitor. I’m reminded that it’s not all about how much I know, but about helping others grow.

Pam M:

Happy Anniversary and HUGE congratulations on achieving five amazing years of sharing and inspiring so many people with your ever thoughtful and insightful emails. It is with great pleasure that I see your email arrive in my inbox; I never open it immediately, I wait for a time when I allow myself the  joy of personal reflection – actions and behaviors from the past and how I can develop my skills for even greater outcomes in the present and future. Thank You Bob, and here’s to the next 5 years!

Mike J – Indiana:

Bob has been both a mentor/coach and a major encourager for me.  As a mentor/coach, he and his blog have challenged, modeled, and trained me to shift my leadership style.  He and his guests have been a consistent and strong force.  I’m a different leader/coach/friend/dad/husband because of his content.

In addition, Bob was one of the first guys I connected with during a recent career transition moment.  God put it in my heart to pursue coaching, and Bob “stoked the fire” in a big way.  He gave me books, he offered to coach me, he encouraged me, he hooked me up with a guy to coach.  He has been generous far beyond what I deserve.

Vani S. – Serbia:

Bob’s work is awesome. Every blog has a great value. He keeps himself low-key but to me he is in the category of greats like Stephen Covey, Marshall Goldsmith and Marilee Adams. Free ebook has added tons of value to my service.

Lindsay P:

Every time I receive an email from Bob I know it will be worth my time to read bringing added value to my life and leadership. I look forward to reading them as well, carving out space when I can be undistracted to ponder them. If I could list my top five Blogs to subscribe to, Bob’s would definitely contend for number one. Thanks Bob for all you do!

Lehari K – Estonia:

I don’t know how to thank you. With your principal leading with questions I have managed to do so much. I have managed to lead processes and developments also that are quite difficult and perhaps not so easy to do. I thank God for the friendship with you and hope that we can meet some day in a near future again 🙂

Bobb B – Arizona:

“Bob Tiede has changed the way the world of leaders look at asking questions!”

Glenn B – Indiana:

I am so grateful for Bob’s blog, LeadingWithQuestions. Reading it frequently makes me feel like I’m sitting with a trusted friend and wonderful mentor who cares to usher us into a deeper life.  The blogs have lingered in my mind long after reading, and I have ‘practiced’ the wisdom found in the unusual grouping of guest bloggers that have been asked to create.

Bob introduces us to material that is overlooked, and creates a hunger to go deeper with God, and people.  This is a lot of work to compile, but the material impacts so many people.  Each time I see Bob’s name with an email update, I’ve vaulted back to memories of opening Christmas presents as a child.  When I open the blog, I’m often surprised, encouraged, instructed, and mentored through the words.

Thank you, Bob!

Jeff A:

I am very thankful for Bob’s influence in my life! His passion for questioning is contagious. I regularly read the blog and it spurs my thinking and gives me questions to ask. Leading with Questions is a great resource to me in my coaching of ROTC cadets. Bob please keep up the great work! Thank you!

Walshak G – Nigeria:

Following Bob’s blog on has really impacted my approach to ministry on campus and conversation generally. One of the significant ways is that I’ve come to realize as I try out some of the techniques and suggestions from Bob and the array of his guests that I am able to help students far better when they come to me with some perplexing personal issues they are dealing with or some grey areas or generally contentious topics in the bible or doctrine.

More times than one, these questions are better tackled and answered by them when I pry with questions. They bring out solutions and actions they intend to take or implement following our time together that I could never envisage or proffer in my wildest of imaginations.

Thanks Bob I’m learning to take a pause and ask questions rather than want to quickly dish out advice or solutions. A very big paradigm shift for me, and what’s more I read every post he sends since I subscribed.

Looking forward, I believe I’m being shaped to fit very well with new trends of leadership on the global scene using “leading by asking powerful questions.”

Dave S:

I have just recently subscribed for Leading with Questions but I have followed Bob’s posts of Facebook.  It has given men a new perspective on talking with people.  Instead of talking about myself I try now to ask people about themselves.  It has helped me in my relationship with my wife Lois, to concentrate on asking questions about how she is doing, what are her dreams, what are her challenges.  It has really opened up our interaction as a couple.  Then on special occasions like Thanksgiving, asking those winning questions were a real help for the conversation.  Asking questions is transforming my life.  It is giving me courage to ask about what people think and what they would do and to just have a good conversation.

Todd M – Ohio:

I have many encouraging memories regarding Bob’s blog over the past 5 years, but I’ll pick a recent one.  In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Bob shared some questions to ask our spouse on Valentine’s Day.  I took him up on his suggestion, and it led to a very meaningful conversation with my incredible wife.  Bob’s blog, and the messages it shares, has touched every area of my life, providing challenging and practical messages to challenge me as a man, husband, father, son, and employee.  Bob, thank you for your incredible commitment to making this happen each week!

Rick P – South Dakota:

Without question, learning to Lead with Questions has had a significant impact on my life and leadership. Leading with questions:

  • Reminds me I don’t need to be in control. It’s better if God is.
  • Orients me toward bringing value to the other person(s) in the conversation
  • Has helped me be a better listener
  • Reminds me I don’t have to have all the answers
  • Has helped me become a giver rather than taker in relationships
  • Better positions me to bring added value to those I lead. They believe I think their views are important.
  • Has heightened the importance of self- discovery
  • Takes intentionality and can be a lot of work! But very important work.
  • Is vital to bringing added value to personal and work relationships.
  • Has made me a better friend, leader, and Christ follower.

Paula D – Colorado:

What does this anniversary mean to you, Bob?

Questions are powerful tools in communication and relationships.  I have been so aware of Bob’s impact in my life, as I continue this journey with the Lord.  Not only questions in development of relationships, but also as I analyze my own walk and growth.  Whenever I’m stumped, I think about the “question” that would lead me to wisdom and peace. God has developed beautiful things through you and Sherry’s desire to serve him and act on His behalf.

John H:

Bob, you have been instrumental in the lives of my entire family. And we thank God for the course correction and continued leadership that has truly set us on a wonderful path. We can’t thank you enough, Bob, for all you’ve done. You are cherished.

Piero B – Mexico:

When I read that, when Bob was a child, he was always asking questions, a lot of questions, all the time, I thought in some way as a child we ask many times – why, when and other questions….., but the difference and important thing here is that he got conscious about it, (most of us did not, really….), and decided to  go deeper into the subject, share with people  his thoughts, beliefs, discoveries and so.  I really appreciate it.

In meetings at work, with one or two words I usually can modify the direction of the meeting. It makes people, even the boss analyze, think and then correct the way of the meeting, to get the result we are expecting / looking for.

In the country where I live, asking many or too many questions is provocative, people feel they are attacked, (People are very sensitive….) so it is important to measure the quality, intensity, quantity and purpose of questions.  It works. I added several of Bob’s questions and others tips to express the right questions……in meetings or even working face to face with direct reports or bosses or customers.

It makes us think, analyze, propose, adjust and take action – and very importantly, it makes people feel motivated as they suggest, propose, feel they are taken into account, and/or visualize what is wrong/right/how to do better.  They learn how to ask questions!

Thanks again to share with us your expertise, experience.

Final Note from Christy Kirk:  Bob plans to keep asking questions.  We hope you will, too. Plus, keep sharing your thoughts with us. This is your blog.  Please let us know how we can continue to serve you. 

P.S. It is not too late to share your note of congratulations and appreciation below:



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4 thoughts on “Leaders Send Their Congratulations & Appreciation

  1. Bob, Congratulations! It take tenacity to keep up blogging! Probably the most helpful thing you did was to challenge me to note questions in the Bible as I have my QT. Now my Bible is sprinkled with “Q” in the margins as I saw how interactive God’s word is. Thanks for all your encouragement!

    1. Bob Tiede says:

      Thanks Maggie – love your practice of making note of all the questions in the scriptures! Grateful for your encouragement!

  2. Margie Neugebauer says:

    Bob is a high school classmate of mine. I connected with this blog several years ago. It has given me affirmation that questions are a great leadership tool that reinforces the coaching that I do. Congratulations to Bob. It is nice to see fellow classmates and former SD residents be successful in their field.

    1. Bob Tiede says:

      Thanks Margie! So appreciate your friendship for so many years!

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