Excerpted with the permission of the authors from Chapter 10 of So, What’s Your Point?

I (James) was honored to serve on the Board of Directors of the Best Buy Company for fourteen years.  Rated by Forbes in 2004 as the best managed company in America, the founder was billionaire Dick Schulze.  He had a high school education, but I learned more about business from him than any business professor.

How could he enjoy such incredible success without a business degree?  He answered that question for me one day in 1994.  During a board meeting, I asked what Best Buy was doing about a web page.  Now this was early on in the days of the Internet and web pages were still fairly new.  Dick turned and looked at me and in front of the entire Board and asked without hesitation (or embarrassment), “Whats a web page?”

In that instant, I realized how a guy with a high school education could learn enough to become a multi-billionaire and a leading entrepreneur.  He knew (if you weren’t afraid to ask in front of others) questions are indeed free as is what you can learn by asking them.

Clearly, it never crossed Dick’s brilliant mind what people would think if he didn’t know what a web page was.  Rather, he was totally confident, as he should have been, that a question was the quickest way to resolve his unfamiliarity with what I was talking about.  He was not stupid, just not yet informed.  He fixed that problem by simply asking a question.

Dr. James Wetherbe & Dr. Bond Wetherbe
James Wetherbe is internationally known as a dynamic and entertaining speaker who is especially appreciated for his ability to explain complex topics in straight-forward, practical terms that can be understood and applied by business leaders. Author of over 30 books, Jim is ranked among the top dozen consultants on the management of information technology and among the 20 most influential researchers in his field.

Bond Wetherbe is a business outcomes oriented educator, consultant, entrepreneur, leader and author with a proven record of results and accomplishments. Experience includes faculty positions at Texas Tech University, The University of Houston, and Loyola University New Orleans, high-tech management positions in both industry and government, principal positions with consulting firms, and co-founder of Micro Solutions, Mead Publishing, and The Wetherbe Group.

You can purchase So, What’s Your Point? at:  www.meadpublications.com

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