Celebrating the 11th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com

The 3rd Edition of “Leading With Questions” releases today!

Will you please click HERE to order yours today, because you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to increase your Leadership Effectiveness x10?

All this week we are celebrating the 11th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com by sharing “Excerpts” from the just released 3rd Edition of “Leading With Questions.”


Do you feel that people aren’t providing the information you need? Do you wonder whether the people in your unit really understand your vision for where things need to go? Do you speculate about what your boss is really thinking?

Have you ever thought about getting all this information, and more, by asking questions?

Questions can elicit information, of course, but they can do so much more. Astute leaders use questions to encourage full participation and teamwork, to spur innovation and outside-the-box thinking, to empower others, to build relationships with customers, to solve problems, develop leadership skills, and change organizations and communities. – as we will show in this book. Recent research and the experience of a growing number of organizations are now concluding that the most successful leaders lead with questions, and use questions more frequently. Successful and effective leaders create the conditions and environment to ask and be asked questions. When the Center for Creative Leadership studied nearly 200 successful executives, they discovered that the key to their success was asking questions and creating opportunities for others to ask questions.

Consider these successful leaders:

  • Chad Holiday, Chairman of the Board and CEO of DuPont: “I find that when someone engages me in a question, it wakes me up. I’m in different place. Throughout the day, I try to do the same thing. I ask questions: I rarely make statements until I have sized up the person’s energy and focus, and whether they are open-minded; only then can I move. If I don’t ask questions, I could be underrating the situation and problem, and miss the key issues.”
  • Michael Dell, founder of Dell Inc.: “Asking lots of questions opens new doors to new ideas, which ultimately contributes to your competitive edge… That’s why you must encourage the free flow of information at all levels.”
  • Pentti Sydanmaanlakka, Director of Human Resources at Nokia Networks: “Leading with questions have been always part of my leadership because I believe that leadership is not telling, but inspiring and showing others new places where they haven’t been earlier.”
  • Eric Schmidt, Co-Founder of Google: “We run this company on questions, not on answers.”
  • Robert Hoffman, executive director for organization development at Novartis: “Questions have changed me immensely. I have greater self-confidence and a more relaxed attitude. I don’t feel that I always have to have the answers in conversations or in situations where I need to speak at spur of moment. I feel this has increased my communications skills, especially listening and persuading.”

These leaders have discovered the amazing power of questions. Questions wake people up. They prompt new ideas. They show people new places, new ways of doing things. They help us admit that we don’t know all the answers. Questions build great people, great organizations and great communities.

Unfortunately, many leaders are unaware of amazing power of questions, and how they can generate short-term results and long-term learning and success. If you have never considered making questions a tool in your leadership kit, this book is for you. Of course, many leaders do ask questions but, unfortunately, disempowering questions such as these:

  • Why are you behind schedule?
  • Who isn’t keeping up?
  • What’s the problem with this project?
  • Whose idea was that?

Too often, we ask questions that disempower rather than empower our subordinates. These questions cast blame; they are not genuine requests for information.

Other sorts of questions are really just often thinly veiled attempts at manipulation: Don’t you agree with me on that? Aren’t you a team player? If you tend to ask these sorts of questions, this book is for you.

So the point isn’t that we just don’t ask enough questions. Often, we don’t ask the right questions. Or we don’t ask questions in a way that will lead to honest and informative answers. Many of us don’t know how to listen effectively to answers to questions—and haven’t established a climate in which asking questions is encouraged.

And that’s where this book comes in. The purpose of Leading with Questions is to help you become a stronger leader by learning how to ask the right questions effectively, how to listen effectively, and how to create a climate and culture in which asking questions becomes as natural as breathing.

Research on and with Leaders Who Lead with Questions

Both of us have spent our careers training managers all over the world, more recently developing leaders who ask questions. Mike was a global leadership consultant for 20 years and then served as a professor for the Executive Leadership program at George Washington University for over 30 years. Bob has served in a variety of positions at Cru, and is currently managing the organization’s senior leadership program. His bi-weekly blog, Leading with Questions, recently celebrated its 11th anniversary.

Over these many years, we have noted more and more frequently that leaders of the more successful companies tended to question others and themselves more often. We have made a concentrated effort to discover why questions are so important to leaders, why they result in such success, and what are the questions that are the most powerful and used most frequently.

Among the questions that we asked of the 45 leaders highlighted in this book:

  • When did you start using questions and why?
  • What are some of the ways in which you use questions?
  • What questions have been most effective?
  • What has been the impact of leading through questions on (a) your organization and (b) you as a leader?
  • How has the use of questions changed you as a leader?

Their responses to these questions and their stories are interwoven throughout the 3rd edition. As you read this book, you will discover the wisdom of the question-asking leaders. Among those who shared their experiences as questioning leaders are senior executives from DuPont, Marriott, Popeye’s Chicken, Alcoa, Box of Crayons, Novartis, and Cargill; public leaders from global and national agencies. The leaders every corner of the world including Brazil, Finland, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Korea,
Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore and the United States.

We are thrilled that the 3rd Edition of “Leading With Questions” is currently the #1 New Release in Business Communication on Amazon: 

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FYI, instead of personally receiving any royalties from the sales of the 3rd Edition – I have designated all my royalties to go towards Cru’s Leadership Development Programs that I am a part of.

Special Invitation:

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 All this week we are  Celebrating  the 11th Anniversary as we share “Excerpts” from the 3rd Edition of  “Leading With Questions!”

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Michael Marquardt & Bob Tiede


Michael Marquardt is Professor Emeritus of Organizational Learning and Leadership at George Washington University. He is a Co-founder and was the first President for the World Institute of Action Learning.
Dr. Marquardt is the author of 27 books and over 100 professional articles on Global Human Resource Development, Leadership, Team Building and Organizational Change.
Bob Tiede is on the U.S. Leadership Development Team at Cru, an interdenominational Christian parachurch organization. His blog, LeadingWithQuestions is in its 11th year and followed by Leaders in over 190 countries.  Bob is the author of 5 very popular books, including  “Great Leaders ASK Questions” & “Now That’s a Great Question.”


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