Today marks our Second Anniversary!

Today’s Post is #208

What Motivated Me to Start this Blog?

You might think that “Leading with Questions” comes naturally to me.  It does not!

Did you know that I am a Charter Member of T.A.?

Are you familiar with T.A.?   You are probably familiar with A.A. – Alcoholics Anonymous.  Well T.A. stands for “Tellers Anonymous!”

I have an addiction – I am addicted to “Telling!”  At T.A. meetings I stand up and introduce myself:  “My name is Bob and I am a Teller!”

Today I am a “Recovering Teller.” The temptation to “Lead by Telling” has never left me.  You could say that my blog is part of my recovery program!

“Leading with Questions” for me takes preparation, intentionality, discipline and practice!

Good News – if I can move from “Telling” to “Asking” – so can you!


My goal is to increase your Leadership Effectiveness X10! The goal of each post is to provide you with one more insight to “Help You Sharpen Your ‘Leading with Questions’ Skills.”

What has been the most fun?

It has been hearing from colleagues and new friends from around the globe who have shared the great response(s) they received when they used one (or more) of the questions they have found on “LeadingWithQuestions.”


You are at the top of my “Gratitude List!” Thank you so much for subscribing/reading/applying/sharing my blog! I am also so grateful for all who have authored “Guest Posts” and for all the Authors who have given permission to “Excerpt” from their books!  Here are the books from the past 12 months:

LeadingWithQuestions has been viewed in 157 countries across the globe:

Top 5 Posts:

1. There is Only One Question That I Ask

2. Would You Like To Know How the Walt Disney World Textile Services Lowered Their Annual Employee Turnover Rate from 85% to Less Than 10%?

3. What Do You Need to: Start – Stop – Continue? 

4. 50 Great Coaching Questions 

5. 10 Questions to Ask Your Dad or Grandpa on Father’s Day

A few of my Favorite Questions:

1.  What’s going well?

2.  What’s not?

3.   Where are you stuck?

4.   What needs to change?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What do you think?

    • What else?  or Could you tell me more?
    • What else?  or Please tell me more.
    • What else?  or Please tell me more.

Sometimes the best input comes from the 3rd time you ask, “what else?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1.  What is your impossible dream?

2.  What would you have to do to make your dream possible?


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4 thoughts on “Celebrating the Two Year Anniversary of

  1. Thank you so much, Bob, for such powerful posts about so many great questions covering almost every sphere of life. Keep ’em coming!

    1. Bob Tiede says:

      David, thank you for your kind words! It is my pleasure! And so thankful that you have I have become personally acquainted!

  2. Neal says:

    Thanks Bob! Your focus on questions has helped me as well as helped me effectively help others. I am grateful to you.

    1. Bob Tiede says:

      Thanks Neal – So appreciate your encouragement!

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