My 6 Most Favorite Questions

This week marks the 6th Anniversary of! 

Following a theme of “6” – each day this week you will receive a Special 6th Anniversary Post sharing 6 Special Items:


1.  What do you think?

If you want to learn to lead with questions, you simply need to begin asking others: your staff, your clients/customers/prospects, family, etc “What do you think?”

2. Can you please tell me more?

You can use this question whenever someone asks you a question to make sure you clearly understand what they are asking – or – whenever someone answers a question you have asked.

3. Can you please tell me your story?

This is my favorite question to ask whenever I connect with someone for the first time.  Everyone has a story to tell! And every story is interesting!  And the truth is that people love to tell you their story!

4. What are you doing to develop leaders?

This question comes from my friend Chris Hodges – Senior Pastor of the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama.  It is the one question that Chris continually asks to grow his church from its beginning in 2001 to more than 38,000 now attending services each weekend.

5.  What questions are you asking yourself lately?

This question comes from my lifelong mentor (since 1980) Bobb Biehl.  Bobb is the wisest man I have been privileged to know.  He is the first one that shared with me the value of questions.  Bobb shares that whenever he asks leaders this question – they immediately have an answer and the conversation immediately goes deep.

6. What do you believe is impossible to do in your field but if it could be done would fundamentally change your business?

Of course the questions that follow are:  “What would make it possible?” & “How are you going to have to change as a leader to make it possible?” (Almost all of our roadblocks are between our left and right ears)

Helping you increase your Leadership Effectiveness X10 by moving from “Leading by Telling” to “Leading With Questions” continues to be my only focus!

In closing, may I ask you for a huge favor?  Would you please take a few minutes to share with me how I might serve you more effectively during the coming year?  I am eager to hear and learn from you!


Bob Tiede


Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 47 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 6 remarkable grandchildren.


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2 thoughts on “My 6 Most Favorite Questions

  1. Dawn Reed says:

    I like these questions with the exception of #2 and #3. I would recommend dropping the “can you”. Those two words make it a yes or no question. By simply stating, “Please tell me more” or “Please tell me your story” you are inviting dialogue and more meaningful connections.

    1. Bob Tiede says:

      Thanks Dawn! Great IMPROVEMENT! Very appreciated!

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