Celebrating the 12th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com

All this week, we are celebrating the 12th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com with the release of my newest free eBook: “340 Questions Jesus Asked”   You can request the download of your free eBook @ LeadingWithQuestions.com/books

Today sharing from Chapter 12: 


By Hock Chye Goh

In the alleys of ancient Jerusalem, where the scent of frankincense mingled with the dust of well-trodden paths, a pivotal moment was about to unfold. It was a moment pregnant with significance, a moment when the words of a humble teacher from Galilee would reverberate through the corridors of time.

The disciples, a motley crew of fishermen, tax collectors, and zealots, gathered around their Rabbi with a mixture of awe and uncertainty. They had followed him through desert sands and bustling markets, witnessing miracles that defied logic and teachings that challenged the very fabric of their existence. And now, as the sun dipped low behind the ancient walls of the city, Jesus posed a question.

“Who do people say that I am?”

His voice, soft yet commanding, cut through the ambient noise of the crowded streets, drawing the disciples into a moment of profound introspection.

The disciples exchanged hesitant glances, their voices a chorus of uncertainty. “Some say you are John the Baptist, returned from the dead,” offered James, his voice tinged with doubt. “Others say you are Elijah, come to herald the coming of the Messiah,” added Matthew, his gaze searching for affirmation among the faces of the gathered crowd.

But Jesus, with eyes that seemed to pierce the depths of their souls, turned his gaze upon them.

“But what about you?”

This is a simple question—4 words, 15 letters in English.

But this question would echo through the ages.

It brings what you think you know to what you really know.

It brings what you think you really know to probe deeper whether you do believe what you really know.

It brings what you believe to push whether you can live by it.

Just in case his disciples missed his question, Jesus added another clarifying question to the initial 4-word question: “Who do you say that I am?”

His words hung in the air like a weighty veil, challenging the disciples to confront their deepest convictions.

Among them, Peter, the impulsive yet loyal disciple, stepped forward. His heart pounded within his chest as he searched for the words to accurately convey the truth that burned within him. With his voice trembling with conviction, he declared, “You are the Messiah.” (Mark 8:9)

The Book of Matthew reported that Peter did more than just identify Jesus as the Messiah; he also proclaimed Jesus’ divine nature: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16)

In that moment, the air seemed to crackle with electricity, as if the very fabric of reality shifted under the weight of Peter’s confession. It was a declaration that resonated with the power of truth, illuminating the darkness of doubt and fear that had clouded the disciples’ hearts.

Jesus’ eyes, filled with a mixture of love and understanding, rested upon Peter.

“Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah,” he said.

In our words—Bravo! Well said! Well articulated! Standing ovation, PLEASE!!

And with those words, the disciples were plunged into a moment of profound revelation. One by one, they began to really understand the weight of those 4 words. It was a revelation that transcended the confines of earthly understanding. The disciples’ eyes and hearts are opened to the divine truth that lay at the heart of Jesus’ ministry.

From that moment on, the disciples walked with a newfound sense of purpose and clarity. They had glimpsed the truth of Jesus’ identity, and it transformed their understanding of everything they had witnessed in his presence. The miracles, the teachings, the moments of quiet communion—they all took on a deeper significance in light of Peter’s confession.

And so, as the sun dipped low behind the ancient walls of Jerusalem, the disciples stood on the threshold of a new chapter in their journey with Jesus because of 4 simple words—“What do you think?” T

he same is true for us.

That question from Jesus to his disciples is repeating itself to us.

When you have an encounter with the living God—He asks, “What do you think?” When a sermon is well preached—you are asked, “What do you think?”

When you read your bible—you ponder, “What do I think?”

What do I believe?

Who do I trust?

To whom do I belong?

When we sincerely answer that question and live by our responses, we embark on a path that leads us to the very heart of God’s unique redemptive plan—not just for us but also for the people around us.

What do you think of this 4-word question?

Hock Chye Goh has had a diverse career at Cru Singapore, holding various roles, including his current position as the CEO/ Country Leader. Additionally, he plays a key role in overseeing ministries across the East Asia Region alongside the regional Vice President.

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Bob Tiede


Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 52 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 8 remarkable grandchildren.


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Celebrating the 12th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com

All this week, we are celebrating the 12th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com with the release of my...

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