Celebrating the 11th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com

We are celebrating the 11th Anniversary of LeadingWithQuestions.com with the release tomorrow, April 25, 2023, of my first published book, the Third Edition of “Leading With Questions” co-authored by Dr. Michael Marquardt and myself and published by Wiley.

Click HERE  to order your book today on Amazon.  It will also soon be available in many bookstores.

As you may know, all 5 of my previous books were self-published, so this will be my first published book!  Would you like to know the story of how this all came about?

The story starts in 2006 when Sherry and I went to a Borders bookstore in Orlando.  Sherry loves bookstores and goes all over the store. When she is ready to go, she can always find me in the Leadership section. My normal practice is to find 3-5 leadership books I have never seen and then to find a chair where I can quickly peruse them to see if any of them are going home with me. That day I found the first edition of “Leading With Questions” by Dr. Michael Marquardt, then a professor at George Washington University.  Reading only a few pages, I almost instantly said “this one I am buying!” It was a page-turner for me.  I devoured it.  I was on the U.S. and Global Operations Leadership Development teams and I began to teach out of it. I put together an 8 session “Leading With Questions” Seminar that was really well received by multiple Cru Ministry Teams.

In 2012, one of my colleagues had started a blog and encouraged me to start one too!  I didn’t want to do just another leadership blog because there was already so many good ones. So I asked myself this question: “Is there a niche of leadership I could blog on?” Instantly I had an answer! It would be something about “Leading With Questions!” When you launch a blog, one of the first questions to answer is “What will be the name of your blog/website?” I typed in: “LeadingWithQuestions.com” thinking the author (Dr. Marquardt) or the publisher (Wiley) would have already purchased that domain. Much to my surprise, LeadingWithQuestions.com was available, so I grabbed it.

As I launched my blog, I wondered how Dr. Marquardt might feel when he found out I had launched a blog using the name of his book?   So I decided to get several months of content on my blog before emailing him to share how his book had changed my leadership forever and how I had launched a blog with the name of his book.  I asked if I might have his permission to excerpt from his book – of course with full attribution to him.  I shared that I would include a photo of the book cover and a link to Amazon where my subscribers could purchase his book.  I clicked “send” on my email and wondered how he would respond.  Within 24 hours I received the most gracious email, sharing how my email had encouraged him and granting me “cart-blanche” permission to excerpt from his book.

In 2014, Dr. Marquardt was getting ready to do the second edition of “Leading With Questions” and sent me an email asking if, I would be willing to write an endorsement for the second edition and asking if he could list LeadingWithQuestions.com as a recommended resource! Wow! I responded instantly to say YES!

In the spring of 2015, we were taking a group of Cru Leaders to Washington, D.C. and I reached out ahead of time to ask Dr. Marquardt if he would be in town and if he would he be willing to come speak to our group.  I also shared that I would be happy to purchase enough of the second editions to give to everyone. Dr. Marquardt said he would be delighted and he arrived an hour early so that he could sign all of the books. I got to spend that hour with him and we became friends!

In February 2022, Dr. Marquardt called me and shared that it is now time to do a Third Edition of “Leading With Questions” and he asked me if I would be willing to be his Co-Author. Wow! Willing? Absolutely Yes! I would be honored! He shared that a new edition needs approximately 25% new content and that all the new content needed had likely already been posted on my blog with “Guest Posts” from over 450 Guest Post Authors and excerpts from more than 80 books.

Last summer, we worked together for over a month determining what previous content needed to be replaced, selecting the new content from my blog and adding and editing the 3rd edition.



We are thrilled that the 3rd Edition of “Leading With Questions” is currently the #1 New Release in Business Communication on Amazon: 

Will you please click HERE to order your “Leading With Questions” book today, because you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to increase your Leadership Effectiveness x10?

Special Offer:  If you purchase 20 or more books, Dr. Marquardt or I will be delighted to do a free 45 minute Zoom Webinar for your staff!  Simply forward your receipt to me at bob.tiede@cru.org

FYI, instead of personally receiving any royalties from the sales of the 3rd Edition – I have designated all my royalties to go towards Cru’s Leadership Development Programs that I am a part of.

Special Invitation:

You are invited to join Dr. Michael Marquardt and myself for a live webinar on May 2, 2023 at 12 noon Eastern, (11 am Central, 10 am Mountain & 9 am Pacific)   Click HERE to Register! Everyone who registers will be sent a link to the recorded webinar!

We are continuing the celebration of the 11th Anniversary all this week as we share “Excerpts” from the 3rd Edition of  “Leading With Questions!”

Click HERE to read Tuesday’s Post: “Introduction to the Third Edition”

Click HERE to read Wednesday’s Post: “A Powerful But Underused Leadership Tool”

Click HERE to read Thursday’s Post:  “Benefits of a Question Culture”

Click HERE to read Friday’s Post: “Asking the Right Questions.”

Michael Marquardt & Bob Tiede


Michael Marquardt is Professor Emeritus of Organizational Learning and Leadership at George Washington University. He is a Co-founder and was the first President for the World Institute of Action Learning.
Dr. Marquardt is the author of 27 books and over 100 professional articles on Global Human Resource Development, Leadership, Team Building and Organizational Change.
Bob Tiede is on the U.S. Leadership Development Team at Cru, an interdenominational Christian parachurch organization. His blog, LeadingWithQuestions is in its 11th year and followed by Leaders in over 190 countries.  Bob is the author of 5 very popular books, including  “Great Leaders ASK Questions” & “Now That’s a Great Question.”



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