Bob’s First Blog:

March 15th, 2012 | Latest News

Bob’s First Blog:

“The Leader of the past may have been a person who knew how to tell, but certainly the leader of the future will be a person who knows how to ask.”  Dr. Peter Drucker

  1. What is the value of “Leading by Telling?”
  2. What is the value of “Leading with Questions?”
  3. Which is better?
  4. When you fly which wing of the airplane is most important–the left wing or the right wing?

You are 100% correct–both are absolutely essential!  Same is true in Leading–both “Telling” and “Asking” are absolutely essential.  Truth is for most of us–we are much more practiced at “Leading by Telling” than we are at “Leading with Questions.”

The focus of this blog is to help you sharpen your “Leading with Questions” skills.

So, what do you think?

(by the way my favorite “Leading with Questions” questions are “What do you think?” followed by “What else?  What else?  What else?”   Many times the best responses will come the second or third time you ask “What else?”  Their first response is generally a “testing the waters” kind of response to see if you really want to know and/or if it is safe to really share what they think.)

So what do you think?  What else?  What else?  What else?

Your help/input will always be gratefully received!  Please “comment” with:

  • Your thoughts
  • Your favorite questions
  • The best question you have ever been asked
  • Your favorite “Leading with Questions” quotes


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20 thoughts on “Bob’s First Blog:

  1. Jeff says:

    Bob, glad to see that you are blogging! The movie grease inspired my favorite question “Tell me more, Tell me more…”

  2. Thanks Jeff! That is an even better way to ask, “What else? What else?….”

  3. In a perfect world how would you solve this problem? This question eliminates placing blame and gets to solutions and is one of my favorite questions to begin seeking solutions. Glad you are blogging and I’m sure i will learn a great deal.

  4. Maureen–love it! You are spot on!

  5. Totally agree about both wings of the airplane. I can’t wait to see more on this topic. I know you have collected a lot of great questions over the years and I would love to learn them. I think this generation prefers the discovery process more. Thanks Bro!

  6. Dan thanks for the encouragement–We will learn together!

  7. Bruce Gordon says:

    Like your Blog, Bob; good step forward for someone as young as you.



  8. Leon Poplawski says:

    One of my favorite questions: ” If I believe this is true then what is it going to look like in my life, relationships and work.”

  9. Holly says:

    Thanks for doing this. Great practical help!

  10. Mark Modesti says:

    Great first blog post!

    I have a mentor who always ends our sessions by asking “What’s next?” Its such an important question because it brings our discussions about wisdom, faith, and the truth, to a point. That point is “what are you going to do, stop doing, or do differently?”

    Looking forward to your next post!

  11. Thanks Bruce and Holly for your encouragement. Thanks Leon and Mark for sharing two great questions!

  12. Stewart says:

    Bob, what a great blog!! One of my favorite q is “are you in?” and “what might we be able to do together?” it seems to confirm or not if someone is all in heart, mind, soul. And the second is to hear them dream.

  13. Stewart–love them both! And I will be using them both! And I am excited that you and I have been dreaming of “What we might be able to do together?”

  14. Troy says:

    Bob, Great stuff! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  15. Lee says:

    looking forward to the ongoing reminder and dialogue. I have sent so many friends to your resources and now I have another. Bring it on Bob.

  16. Marc says:

    Bob, glad you are taking this next step with this blog.
    One of my favorite questions is “if money and time were not an issue- what would you do?”…
    and of course I like “what’s one step you can take?”

  17. Those are both powerful questions! Thanks Marc

  18. Andrei Ciausov, Moldova. says:

    I like the rule of 5 Why’s? In mentoring after a person shares his decision/thought/problem I would ask Why do you think so? It helps to think and go deep. Thanks for blogging. Will be reading this from here and up. Son is 2 months old, have more time now 🙂

  19. My pleasure Andrei! Your questions are excellent! Can you please share more of your favorite questions with me?

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