TGContest15 2Announcing “The Five Most Favorite Questions to Ask at Thanksgiving” CONTEST!

In a little over a week you (All Americans) will be sitting down to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with your family and friends.

What questions would you like to ask those gathered at your table to take the conversation beyond the weather, the roads, shopping and football?

To enter the “Contest” simply share “Your Favorite Question to Ask at Thanksgiving” in the “Comment” section below:

If your question is selected as one of the “The Five Most Favorite Questions to Ask at Thanksgiving” you will win a real printed “Great Leaders ASK Questions – A Fortune 100 List” book!  (Offer is limited to U.S. addresses)

Winners will be announced in a Special Thanksgiving “LeadingWithQuestions” Post next Wednesday, November 25.






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14 thoughts on “Announcing “The Five Most Favorite Questions to Ask at Thanksgiving” Contest

  1. Heidi says:

    If you were allowed to possess only the things you gave thanks for this year, what top 3 things would you own right now?

  2. Tracey Mixon says:

    My question for Thanksgiving: What is your urgency in life?

  3. Will says:

    “How is it with your soul?” -John Wesley

  4. Randy Sharp says:

    “What are daily blessings should always give thanks but often take for granted?” “How do you want to improve in giving thanks?”

  5. Tracy Wood says:

    All 5 boys will be here for Thanksgiving. That means 2 Turkeys and lots of other meals for 19 people. Carol & I will be staying elsewhere( i.e. sleeping at someone else’s’ house). We will be lucky to get a word in at all, much less ask a question; however, we will find out “if Grandmother knows that I don’t yet have _____.” That goes for all 7 current grandchildren. We’ll find out who is planning ‘what’ ( job changes or promotions/ any moves / How pregnant wives are feeling- 1 due in Jan 1 in March- 2016.One son is involved in a lawsuit – we’ll hear how it’s going. One son has been very sick with asthma – so how is he doing now? Has he able to see a Lung /Respiratory Doc in Dallas? There will be lots of talk, jokes and fun – just being together. Glad you asked. TW

  6. Terry says:

    1. If you could go back and do one thing differently this year, what would that be?
    2. Who was the most influential person/organization in your life/career this year?
    3. What do you understand now that you did not understand at this time last year?
    4. What brought you the most joy this year?
    5. What is your top priority for the coming year?

  7. Looking back on the past year what are some things that we did to make a difference in someone else’ life.

  8. How has the Lord spoken TO you and THROUGH you this past year for which you can give Him thanks?

  9. Nathalie Davis says:

    What is the one thing that you take for granted that someone else would love to have?

    Example answers would be: my health, my job

  10. Bob Tiede says:

    A BIG Thanks to everyone who has entered “The Five Most Favorite Questions to Ask at Thanksgiving” Contest by sharing one or more great questions here today!

  11. Julia says:

    What can we do to show that we are thankful for our abundance?

  12. David Brincks says:

    What is the most challenging experience for which you are now thankful?

  13. Terrence Donahue says:

    What has been the most difficult thing in your life that you have chosen to say “Thank You” to God for? What did having an active choice of thankfulness to the Lord do for you?

  14. If your financial obligations were covered for a year in exchange for volunteering, what would you do/for whom would you volunteer?

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