Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 92: 1 says, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”

For the past two weeks friends on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter and subscribers of LeadingWithQuestions.com were invited to enter the “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving” contest.

“339 Questions Jesus Asked” & “Great Leaders ASK Questions – A Fortune 100 List” books and “Great Leaders ASK Questions” CD Audio Book were promised for the authors of the questions selected.

Scores of great questions poured in! My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who entered!

Here are our 2017 Winners of “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving” Contest:


1. “Who can you ‘come along side’ with this holiday season? Who needs you to be extra caring?”

Submitted By:
Jan Golden – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

2. “What was the greatest blessing you imparted this past year?”  

Submitted By:
Paul Lai – Longwood, Florida

3. “What do you hope to be thanking God for a year from now?”

Submitted By:
Carolyn Lugbill – Fairfax, Virginia

4. “Think of the top 2 things you are most thankful for…How would your life be different if you did not have those two things in your life?”

Submitted By:
Joe Sokolowski – Hershey, Pennsylvania 

5. “Did you meet someone for the first time this year that you are thankful for?  Tell me about him/her.”

Submitted By:
Shannon Norris – Los Angeles, California

Honorable Mention:

There were so many great entries!  Although I am tempted to share them all – I decided five more simply had to be included:

  • “What is no longer with you this Thanksgiving ? And what is brand-new in you this year?”  DJ Segovia – Irvine, California 
  • “What is the best thank you that you have ever received?”  Tom Norris – Los Angeles, California
  • “How has God surprised you this year?”  Judy Douglass – Orlando, Florida
  • “If you could go back over the year and re-do something, why would you re-do it and what would be the optimal outcome?”  Jeff Eslick – Grand Prairie, Texas
  • “What has been the most difficult circumstance for you to give thanks for this year?”  Tim McGarvey – Altoona, Pennsylvania


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