Happy Thanksgiving!

Psalm 92: 1 says, “It is good to give thanks to the Lord.”  

I am looking forward to a great Thanksgiving Day – of course there will be food in abundance – but my favorite part of our day will be listening to the conversation around our table and the chance to hear what each person is thankful for.

A year ago I ran a contest – asking all my friends on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter to send me their favorite question to ask around the Thanksgiving table – promising prizes to the authors of the Top Five Questions.   Scores of great questions poured in!

Here are the “Top Five Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving” that were selected!


 montrealWhat quality in ________ (people sitting around your table) are you most thankful for and why? -Eric Rose, Montreal, Quebec





rasool berryCan you share about a time when someone thanking you made a difference in your life? -Rasool Berry, Indianapolis, Indiana





marfIs there something or someone that you’ve had to be thankful for by faith this year? -Marf Meister, Orlando, Florida





4If you could go back to say, “thank you” to someone who has passed or someone whom you’ve lost contact with, what would you thank them for? -Terrence Donahue, St. Louis, Missouri






Think of the toughest situation you have gone through this year. As you think back on it, what are some things you have learned about yourself, others and God in the process? -Benjamin Thomas, Xenia, Ohio

What “Thanksgiving Day” question would you add?


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One thought on “5 Questions to Ask on Thanksgiving

  1. Annie Zirkel says:

    What a great inquiry! And the answers are awesome. I am reposting on our facebook page 30 Days of Gratitude as today’s (Thankgiving’s) inspiration. Hope it gives many families ways to deepen the conversation around gratitude! Much appreciation ~ annie

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