What if Dr. Seuss Went Job Hunting?

Guest Post by Daniel Hall

Note from Bob:  Today’s “Guest Post” by Daniel Hall is one of the most unique “Posts” I have ever been privileged to post.  If you are going on a job interview you will want to ask the questions shared below: (or if you know someone who is going on a job interview, you will want to share this post with them)  Thanks!

Dan I am, and at times I wonder if Dr. Seuss started out as a software engineer at Microsoft. The picture of that fox looks awfully familiar. Do you ever wonder where Whoville is? One Microsoft Way perhaps? Did Horton work there too? Dr. Seuss said himself, “Horton hears a Who.” And what’s up with the Easter eggs? Are they green?  What if Dr. Seuss was laid off?

Oh the thinks you can think Mr. Theodore, but I have to tell you, the times they are a changing.  You can think about Career Builder or Think about Monster.  You can think about Jobot.  You can think about Indeed.  And, you can even roll the DICE.  Oh the things you can think.

You can think up how much you are worth and boy, that is like giving birth.  And you don’t have to stop.  You can think about the glamors of all the spammers.  You can think about recruiters advocating for you, after all, they have families too.

While you think your thinks Mr. Geisel, you may want to try this for your reprisal.  Think about questions, that by the end of your day, will let your head rest and easily lay.  Great questions a many you’ll need as your tools for these remarkable employers are not fools.

For all your years of service Dr. Seuss, I give to you my wocket in my pocket.  A prize if you will.  5 great questions that are sure to thrill.  Take my advice and use them wisely or the outcomes may be a bit more than lively.

Question 1: Beyond the role I would play in your company, what characteristics would you be looking for in me to help me better stand out as a candidate for future roles?

Question 2: After reviewing my resume, what is one thing that’s not in the job description that would be a shareable asset to your team.

Question Red: If your company could change one thing that would positively impact employee quality of life, what would it be?

Question Blue: What characteristics of your company would inspire me to stay there long term?

Last Question For You: If I came to you and asked for help, what would you say to me?

The last one is a bit of a fright, but will be remarkable impactful if timed just right.  It requires a bit of finesse, while employing tactful genius.

The goal here is to fail while trying not to bail.  Purposely fail your best on a question of the test.  Ask for help openly and hope for the best.  My last question for you will make sense and is surely to make more cents.

Candidate: “I would like to ask for help on this question.”

Employer: “So, you give up?”

Candidate: I said “No, I’m asking for help?”

Employer: “So, you give up then right?”

Candidate: I said “Can I google it?”

Oh the thinks you can think when you ask for help.  Here’s to hoping you don’t find yourself swimming in an ocean of kelp.

Daniel Hall


Daniel Hall is one of the most sought-after developers for heart centered social media analytics.  Daniel’s story is one of going from struggle as a youth to being an inspiring, resilient dad, software engineer and mentor to foster parents.  He grew up in foster care from ages 2 – 5, was beaten, verbally abused and told he wouldn’t amount to anything.  Up until about 15 years ago, he didn’t care about anyone or anything.  He was eventually saved by the Hall family and his wife Tina.  Daniel has had a long career as a top-level software engineer and is a passionate advocate for fostering and adoption.  Together with his wife, he has six remarkable adopted children and he says they have been and continue to be his biggest teachers.  You can connect with Daniel on LinkedIn


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