Who Is God?  Leading Children to God by Asking Questions

Guest Post by Jane Reed

Has God ever tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to do something unexpected? 

May I share my story?…….. The influence of 3 Bobs!

My husband, Bob, taught me how to ask questions. We worked for years on a book that focused on learning by asking questions and solving problems. Our goal is to always look for possibilities. That’s what led us to the wisdom of Bob Tiede, who sharpened our ability to teach and lead with questions. Like him, we hoped to reverse the telling and demanding trend and replace it with reciprocal and engaging conversations.  Then God started saying…….” Put Me first in your work!” How in the world were we going to do that?  One day, I followed Bob Beaudine‘s advice from his book, “2 Chairs.” Look to God for the answers. I asked God what He wanted us to do with our hearts and hands and voices. Then I listened. His response was to write a children’s book about asking questions and put Him first.

Wow!  I turned to my computer and typed for two hours.  Words just seemed to jump onto the page.  Thank you, Lord, for your abundant blessings! 

Why does this children’s book begin with a message for parents and teachers?

We think the loving adults in children’s lives might like a little guidance as they prepare an environment for learning in the earliest years. They might be asking:

How do we “Nurture Beautiful Hearts and Inquiring Minds?”

Could there be a better way to create a home where God is known, worshipped, and adored from birth?

 Please enjoy this excerpt from “Who Is God? “

“An Invitation for Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Reading Buddies.” 

Would you like a dynamic way to introduce the children you love to God?

“Who Is God?” is built on questions!  Amazingly, Inquiry-Based Learning is the most powerful way to lead and teach effectively. Why? Inquiry is the way God naturally created us to learn from birth. Every time we hear, see or touch, we initiate an inquiry. Current research has shown that inquiry stimulates greater interest than telling.  When we tell children what to do and what to believe, they quickly lose interest and forget our wonderful words of loving wisdom.  However, when we ask questions, we engage their minds and hearts and ignite a desire to learn and understand.  This is called curiosity, the initiator of a growth mindset!

Children are born curious and begin life searching for meaning.  Because children are created in God’s image, they have a need and a longing to reach out to know God long before they can speak or walk. As unique individuals, they want to develop their own relationship with the One who created them. As parents and leaders, we must remember that the condition of each child’s heart will determine the values by which he or she will live. The illustrated children’s question book follows the parent letter. 

Could this be more than a happy little picture book?  You bet!  The questions create a sublime relationship-building tool to bring parents and children closer to God and each other. “Who Is God?” is designed with continuously deeper growth levels by teaching the child to ask questions, share conversations with the reader and eventually develop the ability to speak his own beliefs!

Would you like to take a peek at the book?

Please click this link:   WhoIsGodBook.com then click Excerpts in the top bar.

Can you visualize how this book might initiate a confident, wiser, and warmer approach to learning about God? 

What can you do with a question?  Lead, discover, learn, improve relationships, develop perspectives.

What does a question create? A positive and powerful difference! 

We’re cheering for you as you share this book and questions with your loved ones!

Note From Bob:  You can order your “Who Is God?” book today by clicking HERE

Jane Reed


Jane Reed is an internationally recognized Suzuki Music Educator and Teacher Trainer. She is also a Parent Education Facilitator and Marriage Mentor.  Her mission is to glorify God and be a blessing to others. Jane and her husband, Bob, are the founders of Solutionary Insights, an educational business which is dedicated to “Nurturing Beautiful Hearts and Inquiring Minds.” The unique signature of Solutionary Insights is the intertwining of respect for the value of individuals, the belief that all are capable of excellence, and teaching children the skills that prepare them to handle challenges skillfully.  Their programs highlight the advantages of Inquiry-Based and Problem-Solving Learning rather than telling, memorizing, and testing.  They are dedicated to establishing purposeful parenting and teaching, which develops opportunities for outstanding abilities and authentic moral character to flourish.


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