3 Questions to get into a Gospel Conversation

Guest Post By Sean Dunn


Note from Bob:  Today’s “Guest Post” by my friend Sean Dunn is specifically for all my subscribers, who, like me, continually look for opportunities for meaningful spiritual conversations.  If this does not describe you, please know I will understand if you choose to read no further.  Throughout the 4 Gospels – Jesus continually engaged people with questions.  As my friend Andrew Sobel says, “Telling creates Resistance, Asking creates Relationships.”  Today Sean Dunn shares 3 questions that he has found most helpful for starting meaningful spiritual conversations.

For those looking for opportunities to share the love of Jesus in meaningful ways, we must remember that the best evangelists aren’t the ones who are the most articulate; but those who ask the best questions. 

As we have trained thousands to engage with lost and hurting people online (through JesusCares.com) there are three questions we have discovered that segue nicely into Gospel conversations.  

1.  What do you believe God sees when He looks at you?

Most don’t believe they are lovable.  They believe they have disappointed God and believe He doesn’t want anything to do with Him. 

This question gives you you the opportunity to share truth/hope.  “God loves you deeply and wants great things for you.  You were fearfully and wonderfully made.  You are the crown of His creation.   He loves you so much that He made a way so He can be close to you.”  

2.  Do you have any spiritual beliefs that give you hope?

Most people don’t have any foundation or beliefs that brings them peace. 

Most non-Christians either have nothing or they rely on something temporary.  Once they voice that it gives opportunity to follow with, “Can I tell you where my peace and hope comes from?  Because I have a relationship with Jesus, I am never alone.  He has good plans for me and He always sees me through.  This relationship is what I lean on when things are difficult.”  

3.  What do you think it takes to be close to God?

The majority of people long to be close to God, but they don’t know how.  Most will either say they have no clue, or they will share a superficial answer that is not rooted in truth.

“I know you want to be close to God, and the amazing thing is He wants to be close to you. He wants you to hear His whispers and feel His presence, but there is a gap, and unless you deal with it you won’t ever be as close as you want to be.  Can I share with you what causes that divide and the only way to ever overcome it?” 

The best evangelists are those who are engaged and interested.  Those who ask great questions and listen well.  We have had great success with these questions and pray that they will lead to some great Gospel conversations for you as well.

Sean Dunn


Sean Dunn loves Jesus with all his heart and has been serving him in full-time ministry for the past 34 years.  As the founder and president of Groundwire, Sean has combined his calling as an evangelist with his gifting as an innovative entrepreneur.  Since 2017 God has been using Groundwire to change the way the younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z) view God.  By leveraging current media and technology channels they are getting in front of millions every month and seeing thousands place their trust in Jesus.  They are on pace to see over 1 Million young people in the US come to faith in the next three years.   Two of their websites are:  WhenLifeHurts.com and JesusCares.com 


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