Powerful, Spirit-Led Questions (Part 2 of 3)

July 11th, 2018 | Coaching | by Bob Tiede

Excerpted with permission from Chapter 10 of “Spiritual Leadership Coaching” by Richard Blackaby and Bob Royall

Note from Bob (Tiede): The just released “Spiritual Leadership Coaching” book was a page-turner for me!  I am thrilled that my friends Richard and Bob gave me permission to share excerpts with you from their terrific book.  Because of all of the Gold found in Chapter 10 my post schedule this week is just a bit different from my normal.  You will find Part 2 of 3 below:

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(Meta-skill (n): a skill that allows you to leverage other skills)


• What should I know about you that will help me coach you well?
• What have previous coaches, mentors, or friends done that has brought out the best in you?
• What is on your mind today? What would make things better?
• What do you most hope to gain from our time together?
• How will you know when you have achieved that goal? What are the measurables?


• What have you tried so far? How well has that worked?
• What are some other options you have considered? What else?
• For either/or thinking: What are some ways to achieve/do both?
• Who do you know who can help you with this? Who else?
• What do you need to be and do to succeed?
• What would success/faithfulness look like in this situation?
• What have you learned from similar challenges or experiences that can help you in this situation?
• Oh, really?
• What is God’s still small voice saying to you right now?

Focus and Commitment 

• What do you most want (to happen)? Not want (to happen)?
• Progress on which of these situations/challenges would have the greatest positive impact on your life?
• What can you control/influence in this situation, and what is beyond your control/influence?
• If you were coaching me in this situation, what advice would you give?
• What do you sense God wants you to do?
• For “I don’t know” responses: What is your hunch?
• What commitment will you make today? Anything else?
• What will you do by when?
• On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to taking these steps?


• How will (your life, work, relationships, situation) be better as a result of success in this area?
• Once you have achieved this goal, how and what will you feel?
• What do you need to do or who might you enlist to keep you on track?
• What might go wrong? What will you do then?

What is your Plan B?

• What has stood out to you during this session?What are some of your takeaways?
• Review: So what will you do by when?

Note from Bob: Whether you are a Coach or a Leader or aspire to being either one or both you will want to get your hands on this book.  I encourage you to purchase your “Spiritual Leadership Coaching” book today by clicking “Here!” 

Dr. Richard Blackaby (son of Henry T. Blackaby of Experiencing God) serves as the President of Blackaby Ministries International.  Dr. Bob Royall serves as Director of Coaching for Blackaby Ministry International providing overall guidance for all aspects of Blackaby Ministry International Coaching.  You can connect with both Richard and Bob @ Blackaby.org

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