Coachability is About Asking the Right Questions

Guest Post by Sean Glaze

That ceiling you or your team are hitting?

That ceiling is something you built.

That ceiling limiting your improvement and growth has nothing to do with your talent or potential… but everything to do with your COACHABILITY!


But something happens as we grow:

  • We become comfortable.
  • We become complacent.
  • We become averse to risk and annoyed by advice or encouragement.


  • How do you find the motivation to continue climbing new mountains?
  • How do you get past feeling frustrated with your lack of growth?
  • How do you get unstuck and move beyond your current plateau?

If you are wondering about any of those questions, then you found the right post!

Because Coachability is the issue that you are dealing with – and COACHABILITY is all about asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

In my new book, Staying Coachable, I share FOUR sets of powerful questions that will help you thrive in CHANGE and enjoy relentless improvement.

The questions are revealed in a story, and the parable is one that your team would benefit from if they are not as coachable as you would like…

Being coachable is about two things –

1 – wanting to get BETTER

2 – being willing to CHANGE

And the issue is never number one.  We all want to get better.

But far too many of us are only willing to do things OUR WAY.  We aren’t always willing to take advantage of the experiences, advice, wisdom, or encouragement of those who could share the tools and insights that would make our climb far more successful.

So, to inspire a commitment to change and growth, you (and your team) will first need to focus on FOUR sets of questions that will lead to the results you desire. 

The four questions focus on HUNGER, HONESTY, HUMILITY, and HABITS 

Want to see the positive results that COACHABILITY will deliver?

Want to bust through that limiting ceiling you built for yourself?

Work through answering the following questions: 


– What specifically do you WANT?

– Where do you want to be, by when?

– What would “success” look like for you?

– Who are you trying to impress?


– Where are you NOW?

– What “numbers” accurately measure your desired performance?

– What obstacles exist to achieving the success you seek?

– What does the team need (how does your performance impact others)?


– What weakness do you NEED to admit?

– How do you respond to mistakes or criticism?

– Who are a few valuable mentors that you can learn from?

– Who do you need to appreciate more?


– What will you DO differently?

– What are you doing occasionally that you will now do consistently?

– What things are current distractions that you will stop doing?

– How will you acknowledge your progress?

Your organization – your future – depends on you Staying Coachable.

Your ability to adapt and develop yourself and your team will ultimately determine the level of sustained success you will be able to accomplish.

And if you want to reach and inspire people who only seem willing to do things THEIR WAY, the most effective way to lead is with meaningful and thoughtful questions.

I hope you will grab a copy of my new book, Staying Coachable, for yourself and your team.

The story contains far more than just the questions above, and the wisdom and insights yu will highlight as you read will help YOU be a better leader and teammate.

But simply asking the questions will increase your coachability.

And if you want to raise your ceiling, asking the right questions is vital.

Note from Bob: Sean Glaze has written another Winner!  “Staying Coachable” (released today) shares the story of a Dad and his high school Son. Each of them is experiencing challenges – the Dad with his new boss and the son with his new basketball coach.  They are on a hiking trip the Dad hopes will bring them closer together when they meet a woman – the wife of a recently deceased very successful basketball coach.  She is on a quest of her own.  It quickly becomes apparent that God has ordered their footsteps to meet!  Their story together is riveting! I could not put the book down!  And the incredible stories that this woman shares from her husband turn out to be the very things this father and son need to hear – not only for the Dad and Son to become better team players at work and on the basketball team – but with each other!  The end of the story left me in tears!   Like me, you will no doubt see yourself in many parts of this story and like me you will be motivated to “Staying Coachable!”  Click HERE to purchase your Staying Coachable book today!

Sean Glaze


Sean Glaze is an expert at helping leaders create exceptional team cultures.  His programs inspire your people to laugh together so they can have more success working together.   Sean’s four books, The Unexpected Leader, Rapid Teamwork, The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates, and his new book Staying Coachable are entertaining parables with powerful take-aways for building and leading great teams! As a successful coach and educator for over 20 years, Sean gained valuable insights into how to develop winning teams – and founded Great Results Teambuilding to share those lessons with smart team leaders.   Sean’s engaging conference keynotes and interactive teambuilding event programs equip and inspire the individuals on your team to be Winning Teammates! What issues are you dealing with now that would disappear if you could build a team culture that inspired accountability, trust, and a team-first attitude?


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