Killer Coaching Questions To Use During Staff Development Sessions

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Guest Post by Sean McPheat Making The Most Out Of Your Coaching Sessions We all know the value of coaching in developing our staff. The quality of your coaching sessions normally come down to the quality of the questions that you ask as a coach. Does asking questions come easy to you?  Maybe they do or maybe they don’t! Either way, I always think it’s a good idea to improve on our coaching skills and asking effective questions is THE  most important skill that you…

A shortcut to improve all your leadership skills

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Guest Post by Johannes Bayer  There is one specific skill you never read about in leadership literature. It’s a multiplier skill, i.e. it is at the root of all other leadership skills. If you improve this ONE you automatically improve the others at the same time. It’s the “ONE ring to bind them all” to use Lord Of The Rings terminology.   Whether you read Harvard Business Review articles on…

Always Wait for and Trust the Question

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Guest Post by Aileen Gibb, Conversationalist, Master Masteries Coach (IAC), TEDx Speaker, Author I’ve had many powerful question moments in my two decades of coaching leaders and facilitating conversations with their teams. If ever I learned to trust the power of a question it was a number of years ago when I had the privilege of facilitating a strategic conversation with a large global company. The then CEO of the organization wanted to hear the voices of people at all levels in the organization. He wanted to ask them what their views were on how the company was operating and…

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