4 Ways A-List Leaders Engage Their Teams

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Guest Post by Kevin Ennis Originally posted @ InsideOutDev.com Great leaders and organizations know that employee engagement is critical to business success.  Research compiled by The Gallup Organization shows that organizations with the highest levels of engagement enjoy increased employee productivity and retention, better operating margins, and almost 4 times higher return to shareholders than their lowest scoring industry peers. While…

Have You Been Busy?

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In our American Culture what is the expected answer whenever you are asked: “Have you been busy?” You are 100% correct – the expected answer is “Wow – have I ever!”  We wear “Busy” as our “Badge of Honor!”  As our proof of “Worthiness!” Have you ever felt that if you responded with “No – not really!” that you would therefore be confessing “I am a complete failure – I am worth nothing”? We have all heard and embraced the…

The 10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Team Every Week

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Guest Post by David Hassell Originally Posted @ 15Five I am not a mind reader, but I’ve tried playing one at work. I think we all have. I used to imagine that I could peer into the silent void of a discussion with an employee and their thoughts and feelings would magically pop in my head. It never happened. We are in the<a href="https://www.15five.com/blog/how-feedback-loops-increase-employee-retention/" target="_blank"...

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