About Bob Tiede

Hi, I’m Bob Tiede. I am passionate about helping leaders shift their paradigm from the pressure of having to have all the right answers to simply having a few of the right questions.

In 2006, while browsing in a bookstore, I came across Leading With Questions by Michael Marquardt. I only had to peruse a few pages before declaring, “This is a keeper.”

The ideas in Leading With Questions changed forever how I looked at leadership, and provided the vision for this website.

What you can expect find on Leading With Questions:

  • Curated wisdom from leaders around the globe
  • Ideas to help you multiply your effectiveness times ten
  • Leadership book recommendations
  • Interviews with thought-leaders, authors, and pastors

At Leading With Questions, you are invited to join the growing league of leaders who are shifting their focus from having all the answers to asking the right questions.

About Bob Tiede

Bob has been on the staff of Cru for 45 years. He currently serves on the U.S. Leadership Development Team and is passionate about seeing leaders grow and multiply their effectiveness. Bob and his wife, Sherry, live in Plano, TX and are blessed with 4 incredible children and 6 remarkable grandchildren.





Bob Tiede’s blog, leadingwithquestions.com, consistently helps me to ask better questions – not just to my audiences and to my staff, but also to my family and friends!

Josh McDowell

Bestselling author of “More Than A Carpenter” & “New Evidence That Demands A Verdict”



I look forward to reading Bob Tiede’s leadingwithquestions.com twice each week as every blog is filled with wonderful insights, stories and examples of powerful questions. It is undoubtedly the single best source for discovering great questions used by leaders from the corporate, academic, public and social arenas.

Dr. Michael Marquardt

Author of “Leading With Questions” and President of World Institute for Action Learning


shelette stewart

As a business owner, speaker and author, I encourage my clients and audiences to take their businesses to a higher level of excellence. With his blog, LeadingWithQuestions, Bob Tiede provides us with practical tools and inspirational insights for achieving this.

Dr. K. Shelette Stewart

Author of Revelations in Business; Associate Director of Business Dev. SMU Cox School of Business


Julie Winkle Giulioni

LeadingWithQuestions.com consistently challenges me to bring my conversations back to what they are (or should be) all about: inquiry. Each post offers practical, in-the-trenches advice that I can put into immediate action.

Julie Winkle Giulioni

Author of Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go”



Bob Tiede is a master learner who loves to engage leaders on the questions that matter most. I am always challenged by his life. Perspective and of course– his questions!

Mark Gauthier

U.S. National Campus Director, Cru


Bob Beaudine

In over three decades in executive search, I can tell you that one of the differences between successful and unsuccessful people are good questions. Bob Tiede takes this principle and greatly expounds on it with LeadingWithQuestions.com. I encourage everyone to absorb the wisdom here, as I do often.

Bob Beaudine

CEO, Eastman & Beaudine; Best-Selling Author, “The Power of WHO!”


Eric Hood

What I love about Bob Tiede and leadingwithquestions.com is that it comes with energy, relevance and preparation. I feel Bob’s humble spirit and I see his great smile when he writes for all of us. Love “Leading With Questions” and look forward to every edition.

Eric Hood

Willow Creek Association and Global Leadership Summit Team



Bob Tiede is the real deal. He is one of the most generous and consistent initiators I know. Bob’s blog, Leading with Questions, will stimulate fresh thinking whether you lead globally or locally.

Ken Cochrum

VP, Global Digital Strategies, Cru; Author of “Close: Leading Well Across Distance and Culture”



Thanks to Bob Tiede’s, LeadingWithQuestions…. Keeps me questioning.

Lolly Daskal

Founder and CEO of Lead From Within Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author


brent Garrison

Bob Tiede challenges us in our coaching to use questions when our natural inclination is to come to the party with our answers. Starting with questions takes longer, but the result is far superior since the learner comes up with their own answers which makes them life-time learners rather than quick fix projects.

Brent Garrison

Vice President of Education, CEO Forum



I look forward to being inspired and challenged by Bob’s blog each week. It has been so beneficial to us, it led to a great sermon series at our church, “Questions Jesus Asked.”

Lamarr Lark, Sr.

Founding Partner, WPM Partners, LLC.



Bob Tiede takes the pressure off leaders by encouraging us to focus on asking good questions rather than knowing all the correct answers. LeadingWithQuestions is a great resource for leaders to get a regular dose of perspective and encouragement. Subscribe and make it part of your regular growth and development.

Jenni Catron

Church Leader and author of “CLOUT: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence”



Questions have always been keys I’ve sought to use to unlock where people are. My friend Bob Tiede does a masterful job of equipping us as leaders know how to use these verbal keys to understand our people and teams and lead them more effectively.

Dr. Dennis Rainey

Host, Family Life Today



Bob Tiede is always thinking about how to grow your leadership capability. His blog, LeadingWithQuestions, will give you the benefit of his experience and enthusiasm for developing leaders. You won’t want to miss it!

Cheryl Bachelder

CEO, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen



Bob Tiede has relentless focus on the power of questioning in business and in life. His highly readable and persuasive blog is filled with exclusive interviews and guest posts by leaders and authors sharing their insightful stories and lessons of how asking questions brings better results and more success in managing others and in their own careers.

Warren Berger

Author of “A More Beautiful Question”


Countless resources on improving effective leadership can be found, but none so relevant and compelling as LeadingWithQuestions. If you want to engage your audience and lead them toward the answers for themselves, visit this blog for carefully selected resources and a variety of thought-provoking commentaries.

DongWhan Kim

Executive National Director, KCCC USA


Ramesh Richard

My role as a leader mandates the prolific, internal dialogue with questions for self-direction, life-management, and people-leadership. Bob Tiede excels in both the content and timing of questions. Each time I am with him, whether in person or by his blog, I come away deeply refreshed.

Dr. Ramesh Richard

President of RREACH & Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary


Jill Geisler

“How can I help?” “What’s the next challenge you’d like to undertake?” “What’s your learning style?” When powerful people ask us questions like those, they become coaches rather than fixers, and we all succeed. Bob Tiede’s LeadingWithQuestions blog helps great leaders find just the right words to empower others.

Jill Geisler

Author of “Work Happy: What Great Bosses Know”



If you want to grow your ability to ask engaging questions of those you lead, Bob Tiede’s LeadingWithQuestions is the place to go. He gathers the best of the best to give his readers quality posts every week.

Andrea Buczynski

VP, Global Leadership Development/HR, Cru


Craig Domeck

I cannot tell you how many times I print out Bob Tiede’s blog to keep handy an insight he has provided. In fact, I just sent this week’s post to all my leaders. LeadingWithQuestions.com is one of the most practical leadership blogs to which I subscribe– and certainly the most read!

Craig Domeck

Dean and Assistant Professor of Leadership, MacArthur School of Leadership, Palm Beach Atlantic University



Bob Tiede shows us a very positive and powerful way to lead. I have known him for many years and can attest that he leads with questions very well.

Steve Douglass

President, Cru



Would you like to grow as a leader? Would you like to learn how to ask profound questions? Why not sign up for Bob Tiede’s FREE blog, LeadingWithQuestions.com today?

Bobb Biehl

Executive Mentor



Bob Tiede practices what he preaches. His questions inspire, enlighten, and connect. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from him.

Dan Rockwell

LeadershipFreak.com, Pastor, Coach, and Presenter



Bob has uncovered for me the powerful potential of asking questions. Every blog is a reminder for me to stop, pause and move away from my default of assuming and telling to wondering and questioning. I have experienced tangible benefits in family and team relationships because of his work.

Mark Householder

President, Athletes in Action


Pam Smith

When you read Bob Tiede’s blog, one of two things will happen: You will grab a new gold nugget that you will want to use right away, or you will be reminded of something in your toolbox to polish up and use again. Either way, someone under your leadership will benefit.

Pam Smith

VP for Student Advancement, Biblical Seminary


Dela A

Bob Tiede is a great leader as well as a highly effective coach, who is committed to increasing the leadership understanding and effectiveness of others. His unique contributions on leading with questions is an incredible resource for those who want to lead through the empowerment of others.

Delanyo Adadevoh

PhD President-International Leadership Foundation


Terrence Donahue 1

Whether you are trying to figure out how to begin your leadership journey or whether you need to take your current skills to lead, influence and inspire others to the next level, LeadingWithQuestions.com is among the very best resources you’ll find. This blog is indispensable to me in my role equipping leaders in a multinational company.

Terrence Donahue

Corporate Director of Learning, Emerson Electric, Inc.



I’m a big believer in the fine art of asking great questions… but only if the asker is willing to be curious about the answer! Bob’s blog has some great ideas for anyone who wants to improve in this important capacity!

Bev Kaye

Founder, Career Systems International



Bob is a mentor, encourager and an outstanding resource. I’m a regular reader of LeadingWithQuestions.com. In fact, it is one of the websites I make sure to visit anytime I am preparing to give a talk on leadership!

Scott Sonju

President, Frisco RoughRiders


marc rutter hs

Leadership is often about focus! Bob Tiede’s blog, LeadingWithQuestions.com, provides insights and questions that fuel the focus I need to maintain my leadership and coaching cutting edge.

Marc Rutter

US National Director, Leadership Development and HR, Cru



We can all agree that leading with questions is more inspiring and productive, but why do we slip and drop back to directives rather than questions? LeadingWithQuestions.com is a great refresher and tutoring resource we can use to remember the power of questions.

James C. Wetherbe

PhD Stevenson Chaired Professor of MIS, Director Institute for Internet Buyer Behavior Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University



The go-to source for how to ask powerful questions, how to help people discover answers for themselves, and how to develop leaders on-the-job is Bob Tiede’s blog LeadingWithQuestions.com. He curates the best from thought leaders in business and the social sector so you can lead with questions.

Keith E. Webb

Author of “The COACH Model for Christian Leaders”



Helping someone get the right answers is best achieved by asking them the right questions. Bob Tiede’s blog LeadingWithQuestions.com is a rich resource to expand your capacity to ask the questions that really help others to develop their skills. It’s a must-read!

Elaine Petty

International Speaker, Coach, Convener, Endowment for Community Leadership and Center for Bioethics & Culture



As a radio interviewer, I’ve learned the right question can often unlock a great conversation and lead to discovery. Discovering something from the guest is gold for the interviewer, but self-discovery for the guest is even more valuable. LeadingWithQuestions.com unlocks some great ideas for me on getting the most from an interview.

Wayne Shepherd

Christian radio host


Bekele Shanko

Asking good questions is not only a great skill of leadership, but a process that positions leaders as listener and servants. Bob is one of the great leaders I admire for his ability, wisdom and patience to listen. Bob is able to do so because he asks great questions and he is helping us to do the same thing through his blogs.

Bekele Shanko

VP, Campus Crusade for Christ, Global Church Movements


Sean Glaze

I learned a long time ago that telling isn’t teaching– and that the most successful leaders interact with their people and inspire reflection and development by asking great questions. Bob Tiede’s blog is a powerful tool with terrific insights for leaders in any field!

Sean Glaze

Team Building Speaker, Facilitator and Author of Rapid Teamwork


Karin Hurt

Great leaders ask great questions, and yet many leaders wrestle with this vital skill. Bob Tiede’s inspiring and practical blog gives growing leaders a consistent road map and practical tools to ask more meaningful and influential questions.

Karin Hurt

Author of “Overcoming an Imperfect Boss” and CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders



As I prepare to meet with a team member, a coachee, a member of my small group going through tough times or even a family member, it seems Bob’s blog pops up in my mailbox with just the right focus to help me lead effectively.

David Swingley

Master Learning Coach


George Hillman

Bob Tiede’s Leading with Questions is one of the leadership blogs I read consistently and pass along to others– a unique combination of years of real-world experience and the power of using questions as an actual instrument of growth in others. Always great content and application.

George Hillman

Chair and Associate Professor of Educational Ministries and Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary


Kevin Bullard

Proverbs 20:5 says, “Though good advice lies deep within the heart, a person with understanding will draw it out.” I’m not sure there’s a better way to draw out that advice than with good questions. That’s why LeadingWithQuestions.com is so pivotal. Through the posts curated by Bob, you’ll learn the value of a good question while discovering the good advice already resting deep within your heart.

Kevin Bullard

President & Founder, Marriage Works!, Inc.


Questions from wise, trusted friends are remarkable gifts. Bob’s questions have instructed, challenged, inspired and blessed me. LeadingWithQuestions.com is a fantastic resource to build your question-asking skills.”

Brian Lenderink

Iowa COO, Rosenboom



Bob learned well from our mentor, Bobb Biehl. To our benefit, both of these men are guided by the One who posed profound questions like, “Who do men say that I am?” Bob’s fingerprints are all over my daily conversations. His questions have become my questions.

George Toles




As a leader that wants to get better at leading, Bob’s LeadingWithQuestions blog pushes and encourages me to become a better asker of questions versus a teller of answers.

Timothy Schoener

Vice President/CIO, Susquehanna Health



Leaders open doors! That is what Bob Tiede’s blog has done for me. Questions have become an integral part of my personal growth and development and an inspiration to many of my leaders, peers and direct reports. Discovering the utilization of questions has changed my approach to almost every situation and the results have been overwhelmingly successful!

Kathy Blake

Guest Services, Manager, Walt Disney World


LeadingWithQuestions.com has become an important resource for my leadership journey. Effective inquiry is essential to enhancing the quality of my conversations, relationships and results. Each post shares powerful questions coupled with practical application insights in a format which helps me to work at it on a regular basis.

David Brincks

VP, Corporate Planning & Analysis, Battelle Memorial Institute


It’s difficult to overstate how much I’ve learned from Bob. He understands people: what drives us, what we respond to and what motivates us to change. His foundational insights into the effectiveness of leading with ‘you’ centered questions has profoundly impacted the way I approach clients, friends and even family.

Curt Steinhorst


Speaker and founder of the Promentum Group


Tim Kachuriak 2

Some people collect stamps. Bob Tiede collects questions. Through his blog, Bob consistently reminds me that if you’re not leading with questions, you’re probably not leading at all.

Tim Kachuriak

Chief Innovation & Optimization Officer, NextAfter



Leading with questions involves people and creates environment for ownership growth. You own it– you care. You care– you make a difference. It all starts with questions– Have you read Bob Tiede’s blog?

Herman Jürgens

National Director, Agape Estonia



The power of questions to engage, communicate and lead is undeniable. Bob Tiede’s blog: LeadingWithQuestions.com is the “leading” resource and must-read for leaders and emerging leaders who desire to take their communication effectiveness to another level.

Andrew Szabo

TheMarketingChef and co-founder of ProfitableCommunications.com


Kent Stroman

Nobody has boosted my IQ (Inquiry Quotient) like Bob Tiede. He doesn’t just talk about how to serve others by asking questions that allow you to listen to their souls, he models it every day by who he is. Bob’s blog, LeadingWithQuestions.com, is the natural extension of his life experience that always adds value to mine.

M. Kent Stroman

CFRE President, Institute for Conversational Fundraising, Stroman & Associates



The right questions will always lead to the right answers. That is exactly what Bob Tiede’s blog helps me do… find the right questions. He is succinct and practical, so I can turn his words into my actions immediately.

Lee J. Colan

Ph.D. Author, “Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence”



Make it one of your life ambitions to seek for, and ask great questions. Bob Tiede provides an invaluable depth of thinking and resources for every leader.

Brent Wong

Missional Team Leader, The Epic Movement, Cru