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Excerpted from the just released “5 Coaching Habits of Excellent Leaders” by Lee and Julie Colan

Plenty of books are filled with lists of questions, but asking questions without a clear objective is like playing the question lotto. Very occasionally you might get lucky and win, but most of the time you will come up empty-handed. That’s a loss for you and for your team member. There is rarely a right answer to a wrong...

4 Questions Excellent Leaders Ask Underperforming Employees

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4 Questions Excellent Leaders Ask Underperforming Employees thumbnail

Guest Post by Lee Colan

Have underperforming employees? Learn what to ask them in order to boost performance.

Asking questions is the most powerful, yet underutilized, tool you carry as a leader. Questions force your team to think. Questions reveal assumptions and thought processes by the answers they elicit. Questions start a dialogue. Questions involve the other party in creating solutions, which builds commitment to those solutions. It all starts with questions leaders ask.


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