The Coach Model for Christian Leaders

The Answer is the Question

The Answer is the Question

Guest Post by Keith E. Webb

Are you looking for answers? You might be better off searching for good questions!

We often look for answers in the form of information. New books, teaching, and workshops attract our attention. Don’t confuse information gathering with answers. They are very different things.

The University of California, San Diego did a study of how much information the average American takes in a day. It’s 100,500 words or 34 gigabytes of data – a day! That’s like filling your computer’s hard drive every week.

Great answers come not so...

Share Questions – Not Content

Share Questions – Not Content

Excerpted with the permission of the author from Chapter Two of The Coach Model for Christian Leaders by Keith E. Webb

Note from Bob:  If you are a “Coach” or would like to be a “Coach” this is a “Must Have” book for your library.  Keith not only gives you a sound coaching process, with great coaching questions, he has filled his book with “Dialogue”...