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How Do I Ask Powerful Questions?

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Guest Post by Karen Zando

“How do I ask powerful questions?” is something I am asked frequently.

I sense people hope I will provide a formula or, better yet, a list of questions that can be used when a coaching opportunity arises. This presupposes the power of the question is in its construction when in reality the real power is found in the way it relates to the person being coached (PBC) in the moment we are coaching. What is a powerful question one day may be far less powerful on another day or with another person because it does not meet them in the present...

Capture the Moments

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Excerpted with the permission of the authors from Chapter 34 Power Questions:

Note from Bob:  Enter our 2016 Five Favorite Questions to Ask at Thanksgiving Contest – details at the bottom of today’s post!

He had everything to live for.

There was a baronial home in Connecticut’s most affluent zip code, a loving family, a salary beyond anything he had ever believed possible. And a recent promotion.

Let me tell you about the job. He was the CEO and Chairman of the Board of KPMG, one of the premier and...

The Heart of the Matter

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Excerpted with the permission of the authors from Chapter 33 Power Questions:

When someone’s leg and knee begin bouncing up and down, the eyes wander, and the person has no questions—it’s time to do something. You’re in trouble.

I’m meeting with Kathleen, the co-chair of a large professional services firm. Our session was set up weeks earlier. The agenda is to review progress on a project I am doing for her company. I had prepared carefully, and had brought Kathleen a crisp briefing document. It summarizes our progress. It is clear and succinct...

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