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Take Stock of Your Life

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Excerpted with the permission of the authors from Chapter 32 Power Questions: It was one of the most exciting and memorable days of my life. I’ll tell you the story. It begins with a telephone call. “May I have the telephone number for Peter Drucker in Claremont, California?” I’m on the line with the long distance operator. (I don’t believe I can…

How to Consult Like Peter Drucker

How to Consult Like Peter Drucker

Guest Post by Rick Wartzman This post first appeared at on 9-11-12) Last fall, the Association of Management Consulting Firms held a free webinar for university students, with the aim of showing them how they “can find exciting career paths within the consulting industry.” So I thought I’d take it upon myself to provide a little pre-webinar bonus: How can you consult like Peter Drucker? In addition to being considered “the man who invented management,” Drucker was arguably the father of management…