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Two Powerful Questions for Moving Forward

Two Powerful Questions for Moving Forward

Guest Post by Joe Baker This article was originally posted at: I have been reminded lately of the power of good questions to move us forward.  Here are a couple of examples from recent conversations I’ve had while coaching clients on their leadership effectiveness: Question #1:  What do you want …? When I began coaching Mike* (*not his real name), I asked him, “what do you want in your work?” Mike’s boss had offered him and…

3 Dangerous Questions Leaders Should Ask Employees to Improve Engagement


Guest Post by Joe Baker The most powerful lever an organization has for improving employee engagement is their leaders. From supervisors to CEO, leaders are the organization’s primary ambassadors and energizers to its people. They set goals, clarify expectations, communicate direction, assign tasks, provide recognition, offer guidance, give feedback and clear roadblocks. All of these…

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