Molly Harvey

Are You Engaged or Exhausted?


Guest Post by  Right now in the workplace, are you engaged or exhausted? Too often today when I work within organizations their staff are exhausted and morale is low.  It’s as if a sense of fear has crept into the work place; very often because of the changes that are currently happening all around the world; stock markets crashing, the recent volcanoes erupting in parts of the world and many large organizations…

Three Hard Questions Great Leaders Ask

Three Hard Questions Great Leaders Ask

Guest Post by   Recently on my travels I heard a great story. An engineering company was turning over on average £10 million per year and one day the owner of the company had a massive heart attack and died. His wife had never had anything to do with the company and no previous leadership experience, so as you can imagine everyone was worried what would happen to the company and their jobs. After the funeral, his wife went into the office and called all the…